What is Search Engine Optimization?

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What Is Search Engine Optimization / SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and the number of website visits by optimizing the visibility of the website in various search engines. In simple words, SEO is a way of optimizing or making the best use of, the websites in various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. It is a way of promoting the website by attracting numbers of people towards it through solid and weighty content. The more content the website has, the easier it is to get the website at the top when a search is made.

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If you search something in Google then, the website that pops up at the top has the best Search Engine Optimization then it gradually decreases as you go down. This doesn't mean that only the one at the top is a good website and the rest are not but instead there are certain rules that a website has to follow and the one that follows it the best comes to the top.

How does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work?

The search engines like Google, Yandex, Bing use a crawler in them that travelers to various websites and associates all their information and sets them with an index. If you are not sure what indexing is then, in simple words, it is a way of assigning the position to the sites or the information provided. These indexed sites are then analyzed through an algorithm which helps in showing the best matching websites to the respective search made.

In the process of an algorithm analyzing the gathered website information, several rules and factors control how the search engines populate those websites. For the sake of providing better results, these algorithms are reviewed and are updated from time to time. In past, these algorithms have gone through changes plenty of times to advance the efficiencies of the search results. Some of the changes might be minor while some changes are core which can completely format the way the results pop up. The advancing of the algorithms requires core changes in them. This is something Google has been doing for several years and its timely update with constant, thrive in advancing the algorithms has made Google the best search engine till the date.

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Learning SEO

1.Publishing Relevant Contents

The powerful content is always the first thing that plays a huge role in search engine optimization. The content made with substantial priority to make a great user experience has the highest potential in attracting the customers and thereby increasing the website traffic.

Before starting to write it is remarkably beneficial to have in mind how might a user search for the information that you are about to write. Your users might search for your information with the following keywords:

Cheapest health insurance

Highest paying majors

Tiktok and WeChat news update

How to prepare for internships

Useful websites of US Government

Affordable universities for online CS degree

Ways to earn money online

2.Updating your content regularly

With time your contents get older and search engines won't. Remember? It was mentioned before that the search engines are updated timely making sure the user's experience is good. This means if you just stick with your old contents then, search engines will populate other websites and your website will always remain older.

Updating doesn't need to be done every day. It can be done in a couple of months or even semi-annually. Just make sure to keep track of your content and remember to update them timely.


Metadata, in simple words, is the data that provides the information of other data. As updating the information is important, it is also important to update your metadata promptly. There are several categories of Metadata and these are mentioned below.

Title Metadata

Title metadata is the one accounting for the headline or the page title that you provide. As it captures the root, the heading, of your page, it is the most valuable metadata.

Description Metadata

Description metadata is the one dealing with the descriptions that a website page contains. Generally, good metadata consists of two sentences. The search engine doesn't need to use the description metadata, but having it strong can sometimes be extremely beneficial.

Keyword Metadata

Keyword metadata is the one considering the keyword phrases. As you will already be ready with the keyword phrases you would want to insert, it shouldn't be a much of a big deal. IT is better to include several phrases with each phrase being 3-7 words longer. For example, your keyword phrase could be “best destination in the world”

4.Having a site with worthy links

Often the linkability of your websites determines how much does your website has to offer your users. The sites with the most likability are ahead than the ones with less site linkability. The trend of having your website with the click here links has been outdates. Nowadays, the links are engraved with the texts so clicking that text automatically opens another link. It is always beneficial to have your links engraved within the descriptive phrases.

5.Use alt tags

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Alt tags are the tags provided for the images or texts that help the users with the visual problems to indicate what that is. These alt tags are used by the screen readers and they replicate the alt tags with spoken words which helps blind and visually disable people to understand.

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