Top 10 Fascinating Cars in The Market in 2020

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Automobiles were introduced to the world years back. Since then, life has been very sophisticated and extremely easy. Back in the days when there were very few automobiles, almost everything was done by walking. Only rich people were able to afford cars while the middle class families were dependent only on their feet. With the increasing amount of time, demand for cars kept increasing which induced more production.

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As per the demand of the public, a great deal of car manufacturing companies were established. Due to the growing number of companies, the sense of competition lowered the prices on the car making it affordable to all the people. For a couple years, there have been new innovations made in cars every year. Such innovations in cars is the main reason behind the increasing craze for the cars in today's generation.

Here are the biggest car manufacturing companies in the world.


Toyota Motor Corporation is the biggest car manufacturing company in the world today. Toyota is a Japanese brand and is headquartered in Toyota City, Japan. It is a huge company providing employment to 370,870 people with its yearly revenue of $ 272,612M. Toyota has carried out its operation in 26 different countries all over the world and it produces 30,300 vehicles per day, or 1263 vehicles per hour. Well, that's a huge production, isn't it?


VolksWagen is the second largest car manufacturing company in the world and it holds the top position in Europe's top car manufacturing companies. VolksWagen is headquartered in WolfsBurg Germany and is operated worldwide. VolksWagen was founded by German Labour Front in 1937. As being a German brand, there is a special meaning in German language engraved in the name 'VolksWagen'. In German, VolksWagen signifies 'People's Car'.

3.Renault- Nissan

The name Renault-Nissan was given after the affiliation of Renault, a French company and Nissan and Mitsubishi, a Japanese company. The strong partnership between these two companies is vividly visible. Their strong determination and attached led Renault-Nissan to be the world's third largest manufacturer. Regardless of its formation due to the affiliation of Japanese and French companies, it is headquartered in a different place and country, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Hyundai is a well known South Korean brand for cars headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. In Korean language, the meaning of hyundai is 'Modernity'. There is also a special indication of the tilted 'H' symbol for the cars manufactured by Hyundai. It shows a happy and satisfied customer shaking his / her hand with the selling representative of Hyundai. Also the horizontal major axis ellipse that surrounds the tilted 'H' shows the motive of the company to operate all around the world.

5.General Motors

Headquartered in Michigan, USA, General motors is the fifth largest car manufacturing company in the world. Along with manufacturing cars, General Motors also manufactures the essential vehicle parts and distributes it all around the world. General Motors has a history of changing the companies it acquires very often. Companies like Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC are the current subsidiaries of General Motors. General Motors is also well known for the precautions its taking to protect the environment. Car manufacturing industry is a huge industry that engenders various toxics into the environment causing adverse effects on the health of the public. As per the precautions General Motors has grabbed all the necessary precautions and measures to decrease the environment effects at its best.


Ford is the sixth largest manufacturing cas company in the world. It is headquartered in Dearborn Michigan. The main aspiration of Ford is 'To become the world's most trusted company' while it's main purpose is to 'To drive human progress through freedom of movement' . After General Motors Truck Company (GMC), Ford is the second highest car manufacturer in the USA. There are three main divisions of Ford : Ford, Lincoln and MotorCraft.


Honda Motor Company is a Japanese automobile brand carrying its operation all around the world. Honda has its own production of a luxury brand Acura. Honda initiated its production from bikes and 1934, Honda became the world's highest number of bikes producers. Honda has not limited its production to only cars but has explored it to solar cells, aircrafts, jets, water pumps etc. In addition to these, one of the subsidiaries of Honda exports the world's largest amount of Soybeans.

8.Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is the world's eight largest car manufacturer in the world. FCA is an Italian / American Brand having its headquarters at Amsterdam, Netherlands and London, United Kingdom. Fiat Chrysler Automobile was formed after the combination of Fiat and Chrysler forming a new automobile company. The bankruptcy of Chrysler induced Fiat to buy its state and ultimately the growing stake percentage of Chrysler purchased by Fiat made Chrysler one of the subsidiaries of Fiat.


Groupe Automobile is a French company headquartered in Rueil-Malmaison, France. The top produced brand produced by PSA is Peugeot. Peugeot is also one of the most produced cars in Europe. Citroën, DS Automobiles, Opel, Peugeot and Vauxhall are the main brands of cars produced by PSA.

10.Suzuki Motor Corporation

Suzuki is the tenth largest producing brand of the world. Suzuki is a Japanese automobile brand headquartered at Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan. The name Suzuki is taken from the last name of its founder Michio Suzuki. Suzuki provides employment to more than 45,000 people expanding its facilities to more than 23 countries in the world. Though Suzuki is in tenth position in the worldwide, it holds third position in Japan as a most automobile producing company. Expanding its production, Suzuki also produces wheelchairs, combustible engineers, motorcycles and several other products along with the cars.

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