Top 20 Websites For Booking Hotels At Cheapest Price - 2021

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Booking hotels at the cheapest price can save you hundreds of dollars. And of course, staying in a good hotel is extremely important for luxurious travel. It is even best when you get that good hotel for a great deal.

People believe that traveling is the most needed thing in our life. Travelling might also be your favorite thing, isn't it?

For memorable safe, and breathtaking traveling, booking a good hotel plays an abundant role. Especially if you are traveling for more than a week then, for sure you will be hunting for the cheapest hotels online for hours. Despite spending so much of your supreme time, you might end up paying for the same high priced hotels.

Finding the cheapest hotels, cheapest rental cars and cheapest flights are the most headache things people encounter when making great travel plans. It is beyond explanation what traveling can bring in your life and it is also worth gathering ideas to save your hundreds of dollars from flights and hotels. Instead, you can squander that money on adding more adventures to your trip.

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To have you all set for your indelible next trip, we have listed some websites where you can book hotels for the cheapest price.

Best 20 Websites For Cheap Hotels


Hotwire is the best website where you can book hotels for the cheapest price. If you don't have a specific hotel of your choice and are looking for a good hotel to stay at then, do take hotwire for granted in booking good hotels at a cheaper price.

There are two ways you can use hotwire to book the hotel. First, once you input the location and date of your visit, it will give you the option to choose what star hotel you want to stay at like, 5 stars, 4 stars, etc. Then once you choose the star, it will show the price but will not show the exact hotel name. Instead, it will give you the possible hotel names and it will choose a specific hotel for you once you pay.

Another option is if you choose the location and date, you can go to lists and it will show the lists of all the hotels with their names. Sometimes, the list doesn't show the hotel names at the top but, if you scroll down you will get to see the hotel names along with their prices, reviews, and pictures.

Through hotwire, you can not only book cheap hotels but can also book cheaper flights, rent cars for a cheaper price, and can also find the cheapest travel packages.

2.Google Flights

Google flights is another popular website where you can book cheaper hotels in no time. Simple enough, you just need to input where you want to go, for how long you will be staying, and how many guests you will be taking with you. Then, it will list all the possible best hotels near your destination.

The reviews of the customers, how many people reviewed it and its cost will all appear at the very beginning, so you can choose according to your desire and budget. This is a very convenient way of finding your trip nights.

The good thing about Google Flights is you can save a lot of your time and can also find cheaper travel tickets on the same website. Moreover, instead of separately googling for things to do in your destination place, you can find all the places to visit and things to do in the 'Things to do' section of the website.

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3.American Express Travels

You might have already heard of American Express before. American Express doesn't only provide you with prepaid debit cards, credit cards, and gift cards, but can also help you book hotels for a cheaper price.

When booking a hotel through American Express Travels, you get an option to type your destination and the days you will need a hotel for, as usual. But it also allows you to choose the number of adults and number of children traveling with you.

Through American Express along with booking hotels, you can also Book International Airline Programs, browse for Travel Insurance, Find a Travel Insider, Book a Trip, and can go after many other exciting things.


Kayak is not an OTA (Online Travel Agency) as Hotwire but it is a metasearch engine focused on travel deals. It is a great site for comparing prices of hotels and flights from various websites.

Sometimes, we find various deals on different sites and it gets confusing and hard to find the best one. In such cases of dilemma, Kayak is the site to approach. It saves your time, money, effort, and makes your trip splendid.

The best thing about Kayak is it is more than comparing prices. On the left side of the site, you will find an option called 'Explore' with a globe icon. This map will show you a detailed view of the place you are traveling to. You can also explore famous places for dining, shopping, and nightlife near your destination. Cool, isn't it?


You might have already heard of Expedia for booking flights but it is also a great site for booking hotels and lounges. Expedia has its own reward system so the more you book your travels through Expedia, the more reward points you get.

Booking flights doesn't help you much in earning rewards but when it comes to booking hotels then, the rewards earn rate is more satisfying.

On the Expedia site, you can also explore cars for rentals, flights, things to do, cruises, and also several different packages ideas for your trips.

One thing, not all the bookings are refundable. Most of them are, but some bookings are final and thus, you won't get refunded if you want later on. Keep an eye on it.


Momondo is a metasearch engine for travel searches. It is an easy and convenient site for searching and comparing cheaper flights. Like, Kayak, it also saves you a whole bunch of time and gets you away from the dilemma in choosing the cheaper bookings.

Though being an easy and handy site, Momondo doesn't have any reward programs on it. But, besides that, Momondo is a site that you should try.

Exploring packages, hotels, flights, car rentals are all available on the Momondo website.

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Similar to other OTA's, booking hotels through Priceline is not a big deal. Pretty, simple enough.

Priceline offers a faster way of approaching your booking process through 'Bundle + Save'. As everything has its pros and cons, it can save you a great deal of money but it has some satisfying features on it. All the details of the hotels are hidden and are available to view only after you book. And almost all of these fast booking are non-refundable and non-transferrable. So, though it seems to be cheaper, you might be booking a hotel that you would not like to stay at.

Thus, these fast tracks are suggested to avoid. As oftentimes, shortcuts are dangerous, making wise decisions can safely get you.

Through Priceline, you can book hotels, flights, rent cars, and find cruises as well. is a good site for bookings but not as great as other OTAs.

But, the additional feature of should be appreciated. Suppose, if you book a hotel or flight through and later you found the same booking at a cheaper price on another verified site then, they will take care of you. With no hassle and hustle, they will generously return the price differences.

Good customer service is what stands out from others.


Agoda is an OTA as well as a metasearch engine. Agoda is a good site for accommodations but it is not as good for booking flights. It doesn't show varied options for it.

But, Agoda has a genuine policy of free cancellations and booking deals. Also, you get to choose between paying now and paying later which is another cool attribute. Moreover, it also has great search features that enhance its functionality.

10.Skyscanner Hotels

Skyscanner is a search engine that allows you to compare prices among various websites. Searching through Skyscanner you will get to know about prices of,,, HYATT, Expedia, and INTERCONTINENTAL HOTELS AND RESOURCES.

Skyscanner is a site worth searching for the cheapest bookings of hotels and flights. It's cool features and searching filters are worth trying. It also helps in searching guest houses and apartments which is very cool.

Many other websites allow for booking and searching for cheaper trips. All the other sites are listed below.


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