Top 10 Websites Offering Free Certification Courses

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Where Can I Get Free Certification Courses?

Either you are ten or twenty, there are tons of websites out there to benefit you. There are websites that are waiting for you to get something big out of them. This is a lifetime opportunity utilizing which you can get knowledge of something that you might not have seen or heard before. Imagine how cool it would be when you are digging deep into the different worlds of opportunity and knowledge when the rest of the world is sleeping and dreaming of something less important.

Ever wondered, how you can explore out of the box?

This is something deep that should pinch on your heart all the time. Always keep in mind, you are not taught everything in your school or colleges. It is not even a quarter of the actual topic that you are taught in your schools or colleges. So, it is you who should be smart enough to explore out of the box of universities and colleges. Be such a personality who can inspire and motivate others through your achievement. Be a successful personality that can disperse light into others' darkness. And for that, you must struggle and do the hard work.

What Can You Do With The Certification Courses?

This is something you need to know before you start taking the certification courses online. There is a vast difference between doing something with a motive and doing the same thing without any motive or a goal. So, before you go ahead and start taking the courses make sure you have a goal and make sure to know what you can achieve out of it.

With the certification courses, you can introduce yourself to the topic or the subject that is completely new to you. You can be way ahead than your colleagues by gathering crucial information out of these courses. Moreover, you can be top-notch by exploring yourself to the new projects and by getting some hands-on experience with the techniques that you gain from these certification courses. For example, if you take a certification course on Python for Data Analytics then, using that you can create various projects and complete them using the knowledge you gained from that course.

There is is no use of gaining education and knowledge if you don't bring it into practice. So, make sure that you use this knowledge in solving real-world problems.

Is An Online Course Certificate Worth Doing? Do Certificates From Online Courses Have Any Value?

To observe the benefit of these courses you must first take them. People oftentimes, believe in themselves more than what others say. But, these certification courses if taken on time or even ahead of the time can be sufficiently beneficial.

You can not only gain knowledge and get hands-on project experiences but you can also become a top candidate for internships and for jobs. These certification courses show how active and potential you are.

Not everybody likes to explore out of the box and if you become the one and march ahead with the rocket speed then, no one can stop you from getting your dream. If you are a college freshman, sophomore, junior, or even a senior and do not have many experiences to add on to your resume then, taking these certification courses can make your resume look way stronger. This will cause recruiters to want to take to you and thus there is a high chance that you get called for an interview. This will give you the opportunity to have something crucial to talk to the recruiters.

One of the questions recruiters often ask is if you have involved in any real-life projects. With these certification courses, you can answer these questions with no stress but with high confidence. Thus, these certification courses add a lot of values to your resume and to your experiences.

How Can I Get Free Classes Online?

Exploring out of the box can be done in various ways by reading books outside your syllabus, updating yourself with news all over the world, watching tons of videos helping you towards your career goals, involving in various projects and activities, and also taking plenty of certification courses that will guide you towards your goal. It just all depends on how you want to make yourself creative and more informative.

Talking specifically on certification courses, there are plenty of ways by which you can get certification courses for free. But know that certification is not all you want, what you want is the real-life experience out of these courses and a way that can bridge you towards your future goals. So, even if any courses do not offer you certification, it is highly recommended that you take these courses for granted.

10 Best Websites For Free Certification Courses


Coursera is a top site offering tons of free certification courses as well as paid certification courses. Coursera offers varieties of free courses covering vast majors, subjects, and hot topics. Though most of the free courses offered by Coursera do not offer certification if you apply through financial aid then you can get the free courses along with its certification.

Some of the free courses that Coursera offers are: Machine Learning offered by Stanford University, The Science of Well-Being offered by Yale University, Financial Markets offered by Yale University, Private Equity, and Venture Capital offered b Universita Bocconi and many more.

In spite of the uncountable numbers of courses offered by Coursera for free, sometimes the course you are eager to take might be only available in the paid version. If you want you can go ahead and pay for the courses and receive a certification upon completion. The prices aren't too bad as there are a lot of courses you can take under $25.

But, if you are financially struggling and do not afford to get the certification then, you can apply for the financial aid or scholarship in Coursera and take that course for free. For this, you will need to apply for it filling out some applications and it usually takes around 15 days for you to receive the response of your acceptance for the aid or scholarship.

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Udemy is another popular site where you can take courses for free. Not all the courses in Udemy are free but, Udemy has its own section for free courses. Besides the free courses, Udem offers certification courses starting from a pretty low price of around $11, and the more advanced courses of course cost more money.

In Udemy, you can take certification courses covering a wide range of areas. Some of the topics in which you can get free courses in Udemy are WordPress, Meditation, Investing, Excel, HTML, Amazon AWS, BlockChain, Fitness, English Language, Adobe Illustrator, Digital Marketing, Game Development Fundamentals, Git, Blender, etc.

3.UC Berkeley

The University of California Berkeley offers more than a hundred courses for free online.

Some of these free courses are Data Science: Machine Learning and Predictions, The Science of Happiness, English Literature and Composition, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, Marketing Analytics: Price and Promotion Analytics.

4.Khan Academy

Khan Academy is not only popular for free courses but is also popular for short videos that help students with their course material in solving problems. These short videos are very helpful and they provide each and every step for solving problems. Moreover, free courses are equally helpful and help book your knowledge a lot.

It covers a wide range of free courses including, Introduction to Valuation and Investing, Modern Economics, Introduction to Programming with Python, Introduction to Venture Capital, Currency Exchange, Introduction to Balance Sheets, Introduction to Simple and Compound Interest, Physics - Motion, Speed and Time, etc.

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5.iTunes U Free Courses

The free courses offered from iTunes U are through the Apple company. Apple offers iTunes U free courses in a mobile application where you can sign up easily.

The courses offered by iTunesU help you shape your future securely. From the computer fields to the business fields and from the science to technologies, a wide range of courses can be accessed through iTunes U.

6.Stanford Online

You might have already heard of the free online courses that Stanford University offers. Being one of the top universities in the USA, Stanford offers bunches of free courses that you can utilize in your free time. Stanford University has a whole section for all the free courses that it offers.

Some of the free courses offered by Stanford University are Child Nutrition and Cooking, COVID-19: Training for Healthcare Workers, CSI: ME Case Studies in Medical Errors (CME), Introduction to Haptics, Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Quantum Mechanics for Scientists, and Engineers, etc.


Alison offers ranges of various certification courses. These certification courses cover Technology, Language, Science, Health, Humanities, Business, Math, Marketing, and Lifestyle.

Some of the free courses offered by Alison are:

Advanced Diploma in Computer Vision Course, Diploma in Ethical Hacking, Diploma in Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship, Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses, Advertising Your Business Online, etc.

There are a lot of free certification courses offered by Alison. Most of the free courses include certification but not all.

8.Free Google Courses (Google)

You search tons of things on google every day. But did you know that Google offers free certification courses for you?

Google offers free digital courses for you to get advanced in the technologies, sciences, marketing, business, and many other fields. Most of the free courses of Google also offer certification.

Google offers free courses such as: Get a business online, promote a business with online advertising, expand the business to other countries, connect customers over mobile, etc.


If you are seeking to develop your knowledge on advanced machine learning, python, or any other programming languages or field, Udacity offers uncountable numbers of free courses that you can access easily.

Udacity offers free courses like Developer for Microsoft Azure, RPA Developer, DevOps Engineer for Microsoft Azure, Intermediate JavaScript, Introduction to Cybersecurity, Data Product Manager, SQL, Programming for Data Science with Python, Become a Self-Driving Car Engineer, etc.


The digital free courses that Microsoft offers have been used by more than 25 million people. This is a great platform for developing your digital and technical skills.

The following are some of the free sources that Microsoft offers: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Migrating Oracle to Azure SQL or Postgre SQL, Designing an Azure Data Solution, Azure Stack HCI, etc.

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