Top 10 Countries With Highest Crime Rates

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There has been no single day on Earth without any criminal activities reported. Every day there are tons of new crime cases reported all over the Earth. The crime rates are not the same in all the places but they vary from place to place depending on different factors. The crimes resulting from these factors have an adverse effect on the country, its economy, its citizens, and their safety.

Crimes can be classified into categories depending on how violent they are and their effects. Some crimes are extremely dreadful while some are less. There are tons of different reasons which lead to high crime rates. The two main reasons behind the high crime rates are poverty and fewer employment opportunities. If the demand for employment opportunities highly exceeds its supply then, people are more prone to commit crimes and be violent. Less employment gives rise to poverty which adds another big reason for the crime. The causes of crime rates are not limited to poverty and fewer employment opportunities but it expands to poor family conditions, peer pressure, loose rules against crimes, society, deprivation, etc. These causes are taking the lives of many people and also destroying the lives of millions of people.

Crimes result in mental, physical, and financial effects that can entirely change the life of an individual. The mental effects of crime are but not limited to anxiety disorder, major depression, mentally unstable and feelings of unreality. To have a fruitful and happy life, mental health is the most important thing. Being mentally healthy is what can make a person successful in their career and life. Along with mental health, physical health is equally important. Physically healthy people can act per their wishes and can move forward in their life. Physically unhealthy conditions can vary vastly like being prone to disease, having certain body parts broken, minor injuries like cuts, small burns, etc. A person both physically and mentally healthy can have their way to success in a better way but crimes won't take more than a few seconds to ruin both of those. Moreover, crimes can also hit people financially leading to several consequences. Burglary, theft, fraud are some of the examples of financial crimes. To develop a country at a fast rate it is extremely important to have a decline in the crime rates. Assorted steps and measures can be taken against crime to decrease its rates and its effects on the society and community. The first step towards it would be to imply strict laws against crimes. Implementation of strict criminal laws can create trepidation among the people decreasing the crime rates. As poverty and unemployment are two of the causes of increasing crime rates, providing enough employment opportunities, and taking care of all the citizens financially can help reduce crimes in a country and in the world.

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According to the data provided by World Population Review, there are several countries with very high crime rates. The list of the top ten countries with the highest crime rates is.


Venezuela is the leading country in criminal rates. The lack of proper governmental authorities, freedom for guns and lenient laws against crimes are the main factors contributing high criminal rates in Venezuela. For the safety of citizens various countries like the USA have filed for travel restrictions to Venezuela because of its extremely unsafe environment.

2.Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea holds a second position in having the unsafe and high criminal environment. Several cities like Goroka, Mount Hagen and few others have the highest crime rates among all the cities in the country. One of the main reasons behind the crimes are the abundant availability of natural drug plants in the country that led to corruption.

3.South Africa

Though South Africa is the third country in the world for high crime rates, it is the leading country in Africa. Huge number of cases of murder, rapes and several other violent crimes are reported daily in South Africa. The highest rates of rape in the world is happens in South Africa making it one of the dangerous places to travel in the world. South Africa is often referred as 'Rape Capital of the World'


There are several reasons that account for the high crime rates in Afghanistan. Assassinations, abductions, bribery are the common criminal activities taking place in Afghanistan on a daily basis. Low rates of employment opportunities, failing of Taliban are the main factors behind the sharp increase in criminal activities in Afghanistan.


Though there has been a significant decrease in criminal rates in Honduras since 2013, it still has high enough crime rates to stand out in fifth country in the world with high crime rates. But, the crime rate is not equally distributed over the country. Some cities have high crime rates while the other cities have fewer rates. Honduras is a major route for drugs smuggled from South to North America ( source: BBC UK). Due to the feeble laws against drugs, a great deal of illegal drugs trading takes place in Honduras.

6.Trinidad and Tobago

Due to the rising criminal activities in Trinidad and Tobago, there has been high demand for the criminal weapons. The rising crimes have caused an unpalatable situation for the government to control. Often crimes like burglary, theft, assault take place among the visitors which has caused less foreigners to visit the country letting down its tourism industry.


Though Brazil is well known for its outstanding performances in World Cup winning for the fifth time, it stands out in seventh position in top 10 unsafe countries in the world. Brazil's homicide rate ranges from 30 to 35 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, placing the country in the top 20 countries by intentional homicide rate (source: World Population Review). Brazil has an unsafe environment especially for women as several womens are raped and murdered every day. Moreover, a large number of women have been the victims of domestic violence.


Peru is one of the wonderful places on Earth on the basis of its natural beauties. But sadly, it is also the eighth unsafe country in the world. The crimes mainly occur amongst the residents of the country and the visitors are not the main focus for the crimes. In Peru, street crimes are the most common crimes taking place.

9.El Salvador

The murder rates in El Salvador has been decreasing for several years. In 2019, El Salvador got the lowest murder rates in many years showing the government's effort against crimes. According to the official data published, in 2019 there were 28.7 percent fewer homicides cases than in 2018.


Guyana is the tenth highest criminal rate country in the world. The weak enforcement of laws against crimes is the main reason behind its high crime rates. In Guyana not only residents but tourists are also the main targets of crimes like burglary, thefts, assaults and pickpocketing. Due to the unsafe environment for visitors, the tourism industry in Guyana has experienced a downfall over the years.

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