Top 10 Best Private Islands For Sale In 2020

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Ever questioned your brain for buying an island? Buying an island, what? Nah, it is not possible because they are owned by the government, ain't it? Well, who buys an island? What could be the reason behind someone buying an island? Well, first of all, who sells an island?

It is acceptable to have these questions in your mind. Remember, the more questions you ask frequently, the better the chance of having broad knowledge. This is something that most of the time startles a lot of people because they have possibly never heard of it in their life.

People often watch island movies related to island countries. Such island movies furnish them with the knowledge of different types of the island, how these islands are formed, and the geography of islands. Moreover, such island movies also influence them in searching islands that are for sale and some of the cheap islands where they can build their home.

A great sum of people are often more interested in real estate businesses and are less towards island business. But, if you have not thought about this then, giving it a thought can help you take it for granted, possibly for your lifetime.

You might have heard of someone buying land or buying houses, farmhouses, buildings, company but hearing someone buying an island is not as normal as buying these real estate properties. But just imagine having your island where you can build resorts, your beaches, five-star hotels, etc.

How cool would it be when you are on a vacation staying in a hotel surrounded by water, sea all around? What about building one to offer others enjoy the same opportunity as well? Hmm, this can be a good source of income as you will ultimately be doing business offering people this opportunity.

You can not only enjoy it personally and privately but you can make a plethora of peoples' dreams come true by making this imagination come true. Now, you might wonder how is it possible to by an island? What islands are there in the sale so you could buy one?

Top 10 Best Private Islands For Sale Globally

1.Gillis Island, Prince Edward Island, Canada


A crooked V-shaped Gillis Island is more than an island. It is the place that can give you the feel of freedom, the place on Earth where nature has taken birth and is enjoying the love of mother nature. Better to call it a paradise? Well seems like yes.

Located on Pinette River, Prince Edward Island, it is a private island yet to be developed. Compounding the historic lifestyles of river island, this island has been unharmed since 1750. This was when the Acadians originated their community of Eldon.

Gillis Island is a beautiful island that resembles a paradise and is packed with diverse green forests. Appending more to its beauty, this island has a pretty big area of 11 acres. This island is encompassed by the auspicious surrounding of the Pinnet river where canoeing and kayaking are the best stuff to do. Nearby, Golf training and a beautiful downtown Charlottetown adds more spices to this island's surroundings.

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2.Rangyai Island, Thailand, Asia

Rangyai island is a popular island for tourist destinations and estate owners. This island corresponds to white sand beaches where one can enjoy the feeling of the beach at every corner of this island. Also, this island is filled with lush tropical forests adding some greenery to its natural beauty.

This Island is located in Thailand, Asia to the East of Phuket island. It is a developed island that has been privately owned and now it is for sale. This is the current largest island on sale in this area of Asia which constitutes 110 acres. It is surrounded by bluish water that rockets its scenic beauty. The reflection of its greenery on the blue water adds contrast to the beauty that this island naturally holds.

Stacked with the beautiful nature, this is an island with a huge potential of development which is why it has been stuck in the eyes of frequent island clients. If developed more with the new and feasible island technologies manufactured in 2020, this island could give you a large sum of capital making you a millionaire or even a billionaire.

3.Spectabilis Island, Bahamas, Caribbean


Spectabilis Island is a privately owned island for sale in the Bahamas, Caribbean. Covering a large area of 460 acres, this island forms a remarkable spiky, winked fish and thus named as a Specatabilis, something that is remarkable in Latin.

The height view of this island gives a scenic beauty of a large fish dwelling around enjoying its freedom of solitary in the sea. Though it is a yet to be developed island, it has a place for Heli-pad and a spacious room for an individual airstrip. With the availability of deep water access underneath, it facilitates the use of underwater Yachts.

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4.Ifuru Resort with Airport and Funadhoo Island, Maldives, Asia


It is one of the best islands for sale in Asia. Physically located in Maldives Asia, it is a developed private island surrounded by sky blue water. This island covers an area of 165.5 acres and forms the outer shape of a dome. It is one of the best islands in the world for vacation.

It is a high-income potential island and is an island for tourists in Malaysia. With the white sand beaches, Airstrip Or Fly-in this island is full of scenic beauties. Moreover, this island consists of resorts and an airport that allows air travel to the island. Consisting of several dining venues, this island is a place open to all tourists where they can relax and enjoy scrumptious foods and beverages. Well, how cool is that?

5.Windermere, Eleuthera, Bahamas, Caribbean


Windermere is an island physically located in the Bahamas, Caribbean. It forms a shape of long mountain ranges (Himalayas) and is surrounded by pink colored sands with turquoise water by its side. It is a historic, income potential island that is huge in an area constituted with 52 residential lots and each being approximately 2 acres. The marvelous natural beauty and complete privatized offerings have cherished this place with absolute luxury and royalty.

Various projects have been carried out on this island that involves 52 residential lots. Various projects being carried out to further push its development along with the astonishing beauty of this island makes it a top best destination for a family vacation.

6.Four Islands in Panama, Portobelo, Panama, Central America


You can know from its name that these are the four islands that are on sale in Panama. These are smaller islands adjacent to each other constituting a total area of 45 acres. These islands are partially developed and are located in Portobelo, Panama of Central America.

These islands are formed by the combination of Sordo, Paulina, and Mamey along with LaMacana farm. 1.7 acres Sordo, more than 17 acres Isla Paulina, less than 5 acres Isla Mamey, and a bit more than 17 acres LaMacana surrounded by crystal clear water of Costa Ariba.

7.Mai Island, Fiji, South Pacific


Mai Island is available for sale in Fiji, South Pacific. It is available for sale but the sale is preceded by bidding. Only registered legal bidders can bid for this island. The bidding process has recently been confirmed but previously this property was on sale for USD 4.2 million. But now it is free to be bid and the auction date is yet to be announced.

This island can be reached with a short boat ride from the town of Labasa. This island is privately owned and is partially developed. As being at a short distance, this location can be assessed from the airport of Labasa by air trip using a helicopter or by a seaplane trip or an amazing boat ride.

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8.Little Goat Island, British Columbia, Canada


Little Goat Island is located between Mt. Pleasant and Isle of Palms. It is a private non-developed island covering the area of 390 acres. Out of its 390 acres, 25 acres is a land located at high elevation. This would be a perfect location if you would make your dream house surrounded by the sea or ocean.

Located at a small distance from the Isle of Palms Marina, you can enjoy the boat ride on top of the turquoise-colored water. The further development of this island could be a highly beneficial step.

9.Kythnos Island Parcel, Greece, Europe


Surrounded by the Aegean Sea, Kythnos Island is a developed island under leasehold. This island is a great place where you can enjoy fresh seafood from the Aegean Sea. Cheese, goat, sausages, and wine are some of the food specialties that visitors often praise for.

This is a great opportunity for the one who buys this island to further develop this island with newly invented technologies. This would be a great deal in attracting more visitors to this island.

10.Fazenda Cipo Island, Brazil , South America


Fazenda Cipo Island is a partially developed island located in Brazil, South America. This island is privately owned and is for sale in the year 2020. This beautiful island covers a smaller area of 25.00 acres.

Fazenda Cipo Island is located close to tourist destinations like Boipeba, Barra Grande, Pratigi, and Itacare. These places have high traffic of both international and national traffics which are also attracted to Fazenda Cipo Island. This island offers a lot of water activities like surfing, sand beaches, astonishing waterfalls, and beautiful sunsets stirred with the cultures and traditions of the local people.

Source:Private Islands Online
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