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The Discover Student Loans Scholarship - $5,000

Amount: $5,000 | Scholarship By: Discover
Deadline: January 31, 2021 at 11:59 p.m ET

The Discover Student Loans Scholarship is awarded to any eligible students regardless of any purchase, loans, or payments made. This scholarship is to help students be successful in their educational career.

Eligibility Requirement

1. Must be 16 years or older

2. Must be a resident of 50 states of USA

3. Must be a senior high school or a full-time undergraduate pursuing half of Bachelors or Associate or graduate degree

4. Must be enrolled at a college or a university within a year of being chosen as a winner.

Additional Requirements

1. Discover employees or any immediate relatives or family members are not eligible to apply for this scholarship

2. The scholarship is sponsored by Discover Products 3. 12 parents or students will be randomly chosen for this scholarship. But, they must be eligible for it.

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