eg: Fulbright Scholar Program


Amount: $500 | Scholarship By: Cedar Education Lending
Deadline: Thursday, December 31, 2020

This scholarship is very fast, easy, and less time-consuming. Each winner is awarded a $500 scholarship that ends per quarter (March, June, September & December!). You will need to just fill out the application in the above-mentioned link to get started with the scholarship. But, before getting started scroll down to know more about this scholarship.

Eligibility Requirement

1. High school juniors & seniors

2. Any adults looking to return back to school

3. Current college students

4. Anyone else wanting to attend college or graduate school

5. Even if you are not attending college currently, if you have the plan to return back to or join the college within 24 months then you can fill out the scholarship application

6. Deadline is the end of each quarter per year

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