The richest professional beggars in the world are those who have been raking in millions of dollars by begging for money from people all around the globe. These rich and famous beggars have made a living out of their good looks, charisma, and talent to beg for money. They do not only beg for money but also make use of other means like an advertisement or even charity work to earn money. Some of these beggars have become so popular that they have even managed to get themselves into the Guinness Book Of Records as the richest beggars in the whole world. Here is a list of some of the richest beggars in this world:

1. Corey


Corey sets another example of getting everything from nothing. Nothing in life is impossible and if there is a will there is a way. Corey was from New York and he begged for several years on the street of New York. He had several nights on an empty stomach and struggled a lot. But then, begging is what changed his life and then he started the job of delivering the newspaper. Through begging, he used to earn $100.

2. Ted Williams

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Ted Williams was an American beggar who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He lived his life begging for over 20 years on the street of Ohio. But, he was good at singing and this is what turned his entire life. While he was singing on the street, once, a reporter appreciated his talent. He then recorded his video and uploaded it on YouTube. One small spike from that reporter changed his entire life. His video was viral and his life then changed from a beggar to a millionaire.

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3. Rongfeng


He Rongfeng was a Chinese beggar who was forced to beg at the age of 17 years. He used to beg on the streets of Taizhou city in China’s Zhejiang province. Though his intention at first was not to beg and he went to Taizhou with his two friends to find a job, being unable to find the job made him homeless. But a woman named, Dai Xingfen, changed his whole life. She was a local of that city and used to run a noodle shop with her husband. One day offered he him and his friends food and shelter to sleep. She helped them soothe their sore feet with hot water and helped them find a job. The lady offered them some money for the train and gave them a piece of advice that Rongfeng never forgot. She advised them to not worry because they didn’t have money but to always strive to be good people. He followed her advice and he worked in a furniture company and became a successful entrepreneur in Shenyang city. 

4. Simon Wright

Simon Wright was from ASBO and he was banned to continue his begging profession. But, he never gave up and thrived to continue it which later gave him loads of money to live a luxurious life. He used to earn £200 each day and yearly £50,000 from begging.

5. Krishna Kumar Gite

Krishna Kumar Gite was another richest Indian beggar. By begging on the street he used to earn around Rs. 1500 every day. From his high earnings from begging, he bought a flat at Nallasopara. Now he lives a good life with his brother. Keeping himself away from the financial matter, his brother now takes care of everything.

6. Eisha

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Eisha was an old 100 years old woman who died several years ago. In her life due to tough situations, she stayed in street for many years and lived her life begging. Though her assets were not revealed until she passed away, after her death all her earnings and money were revealed that showed her as one of the richest beggars.

7. Sarvatia Devi


Sarvatia Devi was another rich beggar who made her life way better from begging. With all her earnings from begging, she lived in an apartment near the Ashok Cinemas in Patna. According to news sources, she used to pay Rs. 36,000 as her annual insurance premium.

8. Sambhaji Kale

Sambhaji Kale is another good example for the ones who believe beggars won’t be able to live a great life. He used to beg on the street of Mumbai with his whole family of four members. From all his earnings from begging, he owned a flat, two houses, and several pieces of land. 

9. Bharat Jain

Bharat Jain is another richest Indian beggar who earned a lot from begging. Using all the money he earned from begging he owned two flats valued at over 70 lakhs. Besides that, he owned and rented several other shops and centers and has his own source of earning.

10. Malana Khan

Malana Khan is another beggar who used to live his life begging on the streets. By begging for over 8 hours a day, Malana then earned flats and houses and is one of the richest beggars in the world. Life could change at any moment, all that is needed is to thrive for what you do.