List Of Universities That Accept Duolingo Test

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What Is The Duolingo English Test?

The Duolingo test is an English test required for international students to prove their proficiency in English. It has now been a substitute for IELTS and TOFEL for a lot of universities and colleges. This test can be taken by any individual residing in any place and any country. It is an easier and more convenient way of proving your English proficiency.

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For so many years, IELTS and TOFEL were the only English proficiency test accepted by the vast majority of universities. But, it has only been a couple of years since the Duolingo test has been accepted.

The acceptance of the Duolingo English test by tons of universities has made the life of international students way easier and stress-free. The Duolingo English test can be taken easily staying at home and it only takes a couple of hours to complete it.

Who Offers The Duolingo English Test?

The Duolingo English test is offered by the Duolingo. Duolingo is a versatile American platform that offers the opportunity to learn and improve English in no time. This platform is available on the website as well as a mobile application version.

Duolingo offers more than 35 courses that are available for the public in English. But wonder what, English is not the only language that you can learn from the Duolingo platform. It offers more than 30 different languages from various countries of the world. Now, you save your time and money by taking the various courses that Duolingo offers and you can master any of these languages lying on your bed.

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What Is A Good Score In The Duolingo English Test?

This is one of the most asked questions and knowing the answer to this question is as important as getting admitted to a university. Unless you achieve a good score in Duolingo, your dream of getting enrolled in your favorite university might just remain a dream. Now it's you who should decide either you want to achieve a good score in the Duolingo English test or just keep maintaining your dream of admitting to the best university.

Duolingo has a score interpretation for any score that you achieve in the Duolingo English test. The highest score you could achieve in the Duolingo English test is 160 and the lowest is 10. If you achieve any score ranging from 10 - 55 then, your score is interpreted as you have a very basic understanding of the English words and phrases. The Duolingo interprets that range as if you can only understand the straightforward information and can reiterate the given information in a similar context. Achieving a score of 60-85 tells you that you have are capable of understanding the central points of concrete speech and simple work, school wording. You can express and describe any of your experiences, thoughts, beliefs, or plans although with some hesitations or nervousness.

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Receiving your score in between 90-115 considers your capability of completing your communication goals regardless of any topics, familiar or unfamiliar, that you are given. It is interpreted that you have captured the core ideas of both concrete and abstract writing and you can easily interact with any proficient speaker. Any score from 120-160 is considered the best score and thus can prove your strong understanding of varieties of commanding written as well as spoken languages. IT shows your ability to use that language flexibly and efficiently for most of the social, educational, and professional purposes.

How Do You Take A Duolingo English Test? What do you need to take the Duolingo Engish test?

It is very easy and straight forward to take a Duolingo English test. You just need to pay $49 for taking the test. This test requires you to have access to your camera and you must be within the camera until you finish your test. You do not want to have anybody in the room where you are taking your exam. Any disturbance or indication of you being helped during the test can result in the cancellation of your test.

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Moreover, to achieve a good score on the Duolingo English test, you need to practice as much as you can. Practicing before taking this test is very crucial and can help you a lot during the test as you will be familiar with the question pattern. In addition, do not expect to have the same question in the test as you get in the practice test. It might happen rarely but, repetition of any practice question is not something that Duolingo does.

What Does Duolingo Teach You?

There are plenty of languages and courses that Duolingo teaches. You just need to have a passion for learning and exploring. It is all on your hand how you want to utilize your time and opportunity. This modern world has so much to offer you and all that is needed is your passion and hunger for learning. If you are not passionate then, no matter what is out there for you, you won't have the courage to go grab it. Therefore, make sure to generate that passion and hunger as soon as you can. The faster you are in grabbing the opportunities, the more easily you get successful.

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Duolingo offers you a convenient way of learning by introducing you to new words and phrases with flashcards, audio exercises, and many more. It also offers you to take side notes to help you remember any new words or phrases. The Learn With Locals feature of Duolingo couples the words or phrases with the videos of proficient speakers and thus utters those words loud so, you can easily understand them.

Universities That Accept Duolingo Test In US

1.Samford University

2.Troy University

3.University of Alabama

4.The University of Alabama at Birmingham

5.Arizona State University

6.Northern Arizona University

7.University of Arizona

8.Ouachita Baptist University

9.University of Arkansas

10.American University in Bulgaria

11.Alliant International University

12.California Baptist University

13.California Lutheran University

14.California State University - Bakersfield Writing Program

15.Chapman University

16.Humboldt State University

17.Loyola Marymount University

18.Marymount California University

19.Pepperdine University

20.San Francisco Conservatory of Music: SFCM

21.Santa Clara University

22.Southern States University

23.Stanford University Undergraduate Admissions

24.University of California Irvine

25.University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

26.University of California Santa Barbara

27.University of Southern California

28.West Los Angeles College

29.University of Denver

30.Eastern Connecticut State University

31.Fairfield University

32.Sacred Heart University Undergraduate

33.University of Bridgeport

34.University of Connecticut

35.University of Hartford

36.Wesleyan University

37.Yale University

38.Florida Institute of Technology

39.Florida Southern College Undergraduate Admissions

40.Lynn University

41.University of Tampa

42.Georgia Institute of Technology

43.Bradley University

44.Illinois Institute of Technology

45.Yale University

46.Duke University

47.Bowdoin College

48.Columbia University

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