How To Restore Lost And Deleted Files

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Do you want to restore your deleted file? Are you stressed because you recently deleted your very important file accidentally? Is it not in the recycle bin? Has it been deleted permanently? But, is there a way to restore a permanently deleted file?

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We all have various files on our desktops, laptop, phones, and tablets. We have these saved so we can have access to them easily. It could be our documents, projects, business-related documents, or any other crucial documents. As these are very important, we keep them with great care and attention.

But we never know what comes up next. These files might get deleted accidentally or it might get deleted by others unknowingly. In such cases, it could cost us a lot of things. We could lose several of our very essential information, documents, a job, or even our secure career. So, it is always a good thing to have a backup of such files. During the time of accidental or unknown erasing of such files, backups can save our life.

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A lot of times, we could find these files in the Recycle bin, if they have not been deleted permanently. Or there is also another way to restore deleted files.

For Restoring Important Lost or Deleted Files

In the search box on your PC search 'Restore Files'. Then, click on 'Restore Your Files with File History'.

Find the files you are looking for. You can choose the correct version of the files you want.

Then, by clicking on the 'Restore', you can restore the files to their original location.

Or if you want to restore the files to another location then, you can right-click on the 'Restore' and choose 'Restore to'.

Then you can select the location where you want to restore your files.

But, in case if you have deleted the files permanently then, you will not find them in Recycle Bin or in the 'Restore Your Files with File History' section.

There is a different approach for recovering these deleted files. It requires the installation of certain software that can restore your permanently deleted files.

Below we have listed some of the very useful software for restoring your deleted files.

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Top 14 Softwares For Restoring Files

1.Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery is a software designed to restore permanently deleted files for Microsoft Windows. It was initially released on 14th April 2000, 20 years ago. It is a great software using which you can restore hundreds of file formats, recover photos, videos, documents, and retrieve specific files by its name and type. Stellar software is a paid software but it also has free versions that you can install and use without paying a penny. But, the free versions will have limited accessibility.

Stellar has a lot of cool features on it that can help you recover corrupt photos, recover corrupt videos, recover data from a crashed system, and many other very helpful features.

2.Piriform Recuva

Piriform Recuva is a software developed by Piriform and it can be used to restore the deleted files. It was initially released on 7 August 2007, 13 years ago. Piriform Recuva is software devolved in C++ programming language and it takes a space of 4 MB.

Piriform Recuva costs you $19.95 to upgrade it and the Piriform Recuva plus costs you $24.95 but it can be used in 3 different PCs at the same time. Moreover, Piriform Recuva plus also gives you access to CCleaner Professional, Defraggler Professional, Recuva Professional, and Speccy Professional.

3.EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS is software for restoring deleted and damaged files in both macOS and Windows. It uses the Wizard interface to walk its users through the process of recovering their data.

There are both paid as well as free versions of EaseUS for both Mac and Windows. Considering the customer's review of the EaseUS software, it has great features that enhance the ease of use. The good thing about EaseUS is it has an unlimited file size so you can restore and recover flies of unlimited sizes. But, it doesn't have any backup plan included on it.


TestDisk is a free software for recovering your lost, deleted, or damaged files. TestDIsk can also be used to retrieve information on corrupt drives. TestDisk is a software written and developed using a C programming language.

TestDisk support DOS, Microsoft Windows (NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows10), Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, SunOS, and macOS. FAT file, NTFS file, exFAT file, and ext2 file are the file systems that TestDisk can restore.


CrashPlan is a software developed to protect and recover data, especially for small businesses. It is a software that provides Continous Protection, Restore Files from Any Computer, No file size restrictions, Customize File Retention, Ransomware Recovery, External Hard Drive Protection, Dedicated Support, Smart Protection, and State-of-the-Art.

CrashPlan has a backup included on it and its maximum file size is unlimited. For security, CrashPlan has a 256-bit AES data encryption system.

6.OnTrack EasyRecovery

OnTrack is a powerful software that is capable of recovering almost all the damaged and lost files. OnTrack is compatible with Windows and Macintosh Operating systems.

OnTrack performs recovery of corrupt photo and video files, recovers files from drives, SSD, RAID, USB, etc. OnTrack has both paid and free versions but the free version has limited accessibility.

7.Paragon Backup and Recovery

Paragon Backup and Recovery is a good software that allows file backup as well as file recovery. It is good for the businesses and companies that prefer restoring and backup both embedded in the same software.

Paragon software does have a backup system but it can only be done using an external drive. It will not backup any files online so, the only option for backing up is to have an external hard drive.

8.Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery is a very widely popular software for data recovery. No, any software can compete with it in terms of ease of use. But, one thing is it doesn't have the Wizard interface. But, it is not complex to use it either.

While using Wise Data Recovery, along with individual data recovery, recovery of multiple files can be done at the same time. But, recovering a lot of data can be a bit slower as multiple operations will be running at the same time.

9.PC Inspector File Recovery

PC Inspector software is free software and it is a lifesaver at the time of rush. Its cool features and tools have made it very good and user-friendly software. But, if you are using it for the first time, then understanding some terminologies could be a bit problematic as even some pros find it challenging sometimes.

Unlike, a lot of other apps, it is a portable app. You don't have to install it on your laptop but instead, you can carry it around with you on a flash drive.

10.MiniTool Power Data Recovery

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a great software that supports over 100 types of files which include photos, videos, documents, and more. It works very well for file deletion, virus invasion, disk failure, file system, etc.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery has five different categories for ease of use and they are, Digital media recovery, Lost partition recovery, damaged partition recovery, undelete recovery', and CD/DVD recovery.

Other software works pretty well in data recovering and backing up data. That software is listed below.

11. GetDataBack

12.Recover My Files Professional

13.UnDeleteMyFiles Pro

14.Mac Data Recovery Guru

Restore Lost And Deleted Files restore deleted files


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