How To Prepare For Internships, Jobs And Where To Find The Job Postings?

Education | 2020-12-12 23:41:08.0 | By Sunita Pathak

Either you are an industry professional, a current student hunting for internships, or a graduate looking for a full-time job in your dream company, the first question you should ask yourself is, 'Am I ready for it?'

Though it might sound like a piece of cake to find a job or an internship in well-known companies operating with millions and billions of assets in the real world it isn't what it seems like. There is no one out there waiting for you to just apply for it and your dream job will be yours in a click. It might be possible ideally but, in practice, it's a big no-no.

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Don't take it as if you will apply for one or two companies and since you are a bright student with a 4.0 GPA, you will be approached by the recruiters and you will have the next step of your job processing the other day. Before you start applying, be prepared for getting pushed back and forth and for having your hands tired, your brain upset and all your dreams and aims frozen.

It is perfect, if you don't have to suffer through all these but, being prepared for these won't hurt you as this is what happens in most of the cases. But, isn't there a way to minimize these sufferings without running away from it? Could you be better than what you are today? Could you do a lot more than what you have done till today? Shouldn't you give it a try when it's all in your hand to make your future brighter or darker?

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Yes, you definitely can and should not lag in preparing the best you can, before you apply for a company. To help you through your difficulties, we have got various ways you can start looking for full-time jobs and internships and get prepared for it. We have also got some of the highest-paid majors that will help you shape your career for the future.

How To Prepare For Jobs, Internships?

1.Start Filling Up Your Resumes With Experiences

Getting a lot of experience is a very important part of achieving internships and jobs. It is the toughest to get the first internship or a job as you might not have any experience in your field before. But, you can do your best to build yourself even though you do not have a job experience or an internship experience before.

Try getting involved in different organizations that are related to your field. Gain experiences as an officer or a volunteer in activities.

Get knowledge from outside sources like taking certification training, watching online videos, participating in various industry professionals presentations and info sessions

If you are eligible to work then, don't waste your time and work in a place where you can gain some knowledge and some experiences. You don't need to begin working in a huge company but, you can always start as a tutor, as a grader, as an assistant, as a food cook, or anything from which you will get to learn.

2.Get Updated With The News And Activities Going On Around The World

First thing, it is extremely important that you have enough knowledge about the field you are pursuing. Not just your course materials, but try catching up with every single news and update that is related to your field. But remember, since your field is not the only thing in this world, instead there are millions of other things going on around you. Though it is not possible to fill your brain with every single one of these things, it is of course possible to grab as much as you can. This will benefit you in increasing your communication skills which will uplift your confidence to a higher level when facing interviews. The more knowledge you can carry on vast topics, the more powerful your communications skills and fluency will be.

So instead of watching cartoons and movies on TV, changing profile pictures and reacting to others' pictures on Facebook, playing games on phones, it is highly suggested that you watch news channels on TV's and like the news pages on Facebook that will help you get updated with the current situations and the problems the world is facing.

3.Make as many connections as you can

Now is the time when you should make connections and have people around you. Be fast and impressive when it comes to making connections.

Today, the world has jumped far away from its base in terms of science and technologies. You have access to the internet and you are surrounded by phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. So, grab your device and make connections on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You never know when someone will come to your use and when you can be useful for someone else.

Having strong connections in LinkedIn is the most powerful tool for getting jobs and internships. It is crucial to have your LinkedIn profile updated with all your activities and progress. If you haven't created your LinkedIn account yet then, not sure what you were looking at till now. It is suggested that you create a LinkedIn account right away and fill it with all your resume, experiences, awards, certificates, scholarships, and much other eye-catchy information that can attract recruiters.

LinkedIn provides a very useful tool that helps you endorse your colleagues and in return helps you get endorsed for the skills that you have. Getting endorsed for your skills helps you provide proof of the various skills that you acquire. The more endorsement you get, the more powerful your skills will appear.

Moreover, there are a lot of Universities and colleges that offer you the opportunity to have your resume, cover letter as well as your LinkedIn profile critiqued by the professionals inside your schools. It is extremely helpful in taking this opportunity for granted.

Note: If you need a suggestion for building a strong LinkedIn account then, you can view my personal LinkedIn account. Without any hesitation, you can connect with me and I will be happy to get connected. I am open to any suggestions and any questions regarding my LinkedIn account. Feel free to comment below, I will be more than happy to take suggestions and provide some useful suggestions.

Where To Find Internships Or Jobs Postings?

1. University Career Fairs And Job Jairs

Most of the universities and colleges now offer various events and job fairs inviting companies from different fields and majors to visit on campus. If utilized perfectly then, this can be the best opportunity for you to get your dream job and internships. Following the tips and suggestions mentioned above, can help you communicate with recruiters fluently and confidently leaving a good impression on them. As people say, the first impression is the last, you want to leave a good impression on the recruiters to pave a way for them to approach you.

Talking to the recruiters in these job fairs with huge confidence and showing a great passion for their company is something you need to keep in mind. You need to make sure to know the person with whom you talked to. For this, at the end of your conversation, do not forget to ask the recruiter for his/her business card along with the name and email address. This will help you follow up with them about our job and internship application.

2. Finding jobs through Social media like LinkedIn

Apart from the university job fairs, you can be more creative and search for jobs that are posted on LinkedIn time and again. There are a lot of companies posting job and internship opportunities on LinkedIn that you might not have at our job fairs. Looking up for more possible solutions is always a great way in achieving success.

Some job opportunities have a tag line of Quick Apply and it is there for a reason. Those jobs with the Quick Apply tag will take you less time to apply than other job applications that sometimes take more than an hour to fill up. So, if you are a lazy person, which you shouldn't be, then, this is probably the best option for you.

3. Finding Job Opportunities By Searching In Google

If you are reading this blog right now then, there is no doubt that you have heard of Google and have used it for tons of reasons in your life. But did you know that Google can help you get your aims and dreams?

Daily there are hundreds and thousands of jobs and internships posted in Google. It's just you who has to be active and find the one that best fits you. There are certain things that you need to notice before you apply or before you step behind in applying for the job.

Remember that most of the job opportunities have long lists of requirements and experiences needed but, this should not be something that drags you behind from applying for the job. Having experiences is indeed important but, it is not always true that recruiters exactly look for the requirement that the company has posted. If you have a high level of confidence and if you have enough skills to push the company towards the profit then, nothing can stop you from marching ahead towards your dreams.

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How To Prepare For Internships, Jobs And Where To Find The Job Postings?

How To Prepare For Internships, Jobs And Where To Find The Job Postings?

Education | 2020-12-12 23:41:08.0

Getting a lot of experience is a very important part of achieving internships and jobs. It is the toughest to get the first internship or a job as you might not

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