How to Create a Free Website?

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Nowadays, creating a website has been as fun as playing games and using social media. In today’s generation coding has been very popular but, coding is also a pain in the neck for a lot of people. But there gotta be a way to make your life easier, isn’t it?

Taking into consideration such a tough situation for the people with no coding background or people just trying to find an easier way, there are several websites and platforms out there in the market that allows you to create your websites in less time and with way less effort.

Well, creating your website while coding on your own, taking care of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Security, Hosting, and many other crucial things make it very time consuming and a tough task. Especially, if you are the only one working for it then, it might take several months ranging from 3 to 6 months or even more to complete a good and SEO friendly website. A good website cannot be created at once, the persistent effort and persistent update and SEO friendly changes are must needed to make it to the top.

But, now these tasks have been reduced to a great extent. There is no need for coding and there is no much consumption of your time for creating a website. But, there are certain things that you must keep in mind before you put your hand in creating a new website. Though you might not know about the World Wide Web(www), domain name, hosting, open-source cms, etc. yet, but when creating a website it is necessary to keep these things in mind and proceed further.

What Is www?

The World Wide Web is an informative system that provides access to the various websites, and documents linked with hypertext or hypermedia links. These websites and documents linked by www are identified by URL ( Uniform Resource Locators). URL provides the complete web address of the website and every web page have their unique URL. The easiest way to understand URL is by visualizing it as a way of providing some physical address to your home to locate it easily.

What is Domain Name?

A domain name is the name of your website. For example, in, melshams is the domain name. Domain name plays a vital role in identifying your website. Nowadays, the domain name of your website is like a brand name. So, you need to be wise enough to choose your brand name.

Remember, you must first register your domain name before using it. Like URLs, domain names are unique as well. There cannot be any two websites that have the common domain name. As melshams is the domain name of our website, no other website can have the same domain name.

Before buying a domain name, you should know about TLD.

What Does TLD Stand For? What Are The Different Types Of TLD?

TLD stands for Top-Level Domain. TLD is a part of your website URL and is the last segment after the domain name. As it holds the last position after the domain, it is commonly referred to as a domain suffix. For example: In .com is the TLD.

There are three major different types of TLD. They are:

Generic Top-level Domains: gTLD
Sponsored Top-level Domains: sTLD
Country Code Top-level Domains: ccTLD

Generic Top-level Domains: gTLD

Generic Top-level Domains: gTLD is the most popular TLD that allows a vast array of users to register.

Some of the most popular gTLD are:

.com – commonly used for commercial sites

.org – commonly used for organizations

.net – commonly used for networks

.xyz – commonly used for general use

.name – commonly used for individuals

.biz – commonly used for businesses

.info – commonly used for information platforms

Sponsored Top-level Domains: sTLD

Sponsored Top-level Domains (sTLD) is the type of TLD used by private organizations. These TLDs cannot be used for commercial, business, or any general us.

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Some of the most popular sTLD is:

.gov – used by U.S governmental sites

.edu – used by educational institutions

.int – used by treaty-related purpose international organizations

.mil – used by the U.S. military

.mobi – used by mobile product and service websites

.jobs – used by legal companies or organizations

.tel – used by internet communication service websites

.post – used by postal service sites

.asia – used by the Asia-Pacific region based websites

Country Code Top-level Domains: ccTLD

Country Code Top-level Domains (ccTLD) is a two-letter TLD used by the various countries for their location or as a territory ISO code. ISO code is a unique code given to each country and ist stands for International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

.es – Spain

.ru – Russia

.us – United States

.ca – Canada

.nl – Netherlands

.de – Germany

.fr – France

.in – India

.ch – Switzerland

.jp – Japan

.cn – China

.br – Brazil

.id – Indonesia

How Can You Buy Domain Name?

As of now when you know all these above-mentioned topics, you are ready to proceed further towards buying the domain name. First, choose the best domain name that defines what your company or website is about. If you cannot find the exact name that you want then, use the closest name possible.

You can buy your domain name from any of these websites: GoDaddy, NameCheap, Google Domains,,, and many more. These are the most reliable and trustable sites where you can buy your domain name securely.

These websites might have varying prices for various domain names. The Premium domain names are the high-quality domain names with a relatively higher price. You might find TLDs that are not available on one website on the other one. These are like varieties of shopping stores where prices and products might vary.

How Much Does It Cost To Create Your Website?

Creating your website most of the time costs you tons of money. But, it is usually when you ask for a third party or a company to make one for you. The cost of your website depends upon the type of websites that you want to create like: eCommerce Website, Business Website, Entertainment Website, Portfolio Website, etc. It also depends upon the features that you want to add to your website. The more fascinated features you want, the more money goes out of your pocket.

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But, if you are on a budget or eager to create your website for free then, there are tons of sites that offer you the opportunity to make your website at no cost. Below you can find the list of the most useful websites to create your website.

Best Free Website Builder

1. GoDaddy

2. Weebly


4. Squarespace

5. Jimdo

6. 1&1


8. Drupal

9. uCoz

10. Webs

11. iPage

12. Zoho Sites

13. Strikingly

14. Network Solutions

15. Webnode

16. Homestead

17. Volusion

18. Mobirise

19. Yola

20. IM Creator

21. uKit


23. Webstarts

24. Bootstrap Studio

25. Moonfruit

26. SITE123

27. Hostpapa

28. Jigsy

29. Webydo

30. StartLogic

31. Mozello

32. Duda

33. Ucraft

34. DoodleKit

35. Pinegrow

36. Virb

37. SnapPages

38. Voog

39. Puzl

40. WebEden

41. Macaw

42. bOnline

43. SimpleSite

44. OnePager

45. BuildYourSite

46. Simvoly

Open Source CMS ( Develop Your Website For free)

Open Source CMS is a platform that allows you to create your own website using the desired templates you want. It is a management system maintained under groups of developers. It provides an open-source code available for everybody so that anybody can modify them as per their wish.

1. WordPress

2. Joomla – Open Source CMS

3. Drupal

4. Thunder

5. Ghost – Web Content Management System

6. Subrion

7. Textpattern

8. Jekyll

9. Grav

10. TYPO3 – Open Source CMS

11. CMS Made Simple

12. Magento

13. dotCMS Hybrid CMS

14. Microweber

15. MODX

16. PyroCMS

17. Contao

18. SilverStripe

19. Plone

20. Fork

21. Concrete5

22. CouchCMS

23. Zenario

24. BackBee CMS

25. Radiant

Build Your Website Through a Company

Creating your website using the various inbuilt platforms is not the only option for you. If you want your website to be professional and attractive then, Code Venture is the top company that will help you build your desired website.

Code Venture

Code Venture is a leading global platform, solutions, and service provider of end to end software and cloud technology. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia Code Venture is currently leading it’s 6 successive years.

Code Venture is comprised of strong and dynamic software engineers, creative designers, quick developers, vigilant project managers, and aggressive SEO experts with

More than 10,000 users nationwide;

92% satisfaction rate;

Thousands of happy customers;

Code Venture Services

There are unlimited services offered by Code Venture. A few of the most popular services of Code Venture are:

1. Web Design & Development

The first impression of your website plays a powerful role in creating your brand name. Code Venture team ensures an impressive design and functionality of your website leading you towards a number of users.

2. Mobile Apps Development

Code Venture offers a full mobile app development service, with complete monitoring, maintenance, and support to ensure that your app runs smoothly and improves continuously. Whether you need an iOS app or Android OS app, the Code Venture team happily satisfies your need through integrity.

3. UI / UX Design

Successful applications have one thing in common: great design that benefits users. Code Venture ensures your application is easy to use and eye-catchy with their UI/UX designers from all around the world.

4. Testing Services

As specialists in custom software development, Code Venture knows what to look for when it comes to testing your software or mobile application. Code Venture doesn’t just test functionality or simplify what has been developed matches your requirements but also tests to ensure that users can easily access your application as desired.

5. Digital Strategy Consulting

Code Venture can help you drive brand recognition and conversion. Their directors have over 10 years’ combined experience allowing them to offer digital strategy consulting services that transform and improve your digital engagement and customer service.

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