How Can You Get A Work Permit In Canada?

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What is a work permit?

Work permit, in simple words, is a legal document that is needed in most of the countries for the people from overseas to work. It is the document that will allow you to work legally in those countries.

Work permit, in most of the countries, is needed to work physically in that country. But if you want to explore your business online or want to work online then there are various ways you can earn money online without needing to have a work permit.

Having a work permit is a safer way to work as no one can legally question you or charge you for doing something against the law. Sometimes, people work without the work permit and get into trouble through legal officials for violating the law. This can oftentimes be very serious that you may even be banned from the country or have to face serious criminal charges against it.

Be sure to be safer!! Safety should be your first priority than earning money.

How many types of visas are there for Canada?


Before going over the work permit, you first need to understand if your visa needs a work permit or not. For that, you should first know what are the different types of visas in Canada.

There are several visa types and not all the visas require a work permit to work. Below you can find the several visa types that Canada offers.

1. Visitor visas

2. Student visas

3. Work visas

4. Permanent Residence visas

5. Business Immigrant visas

6. Express Entry Program visas

There are several other visas including the above-mentioned Canadain visas that are also classified as a Temporary Canadian Visas and Permanent Canadian Visas.

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Temporary Canadian Visas

The temporary Canada visas offer the people to stay in Canada for a certain period of time. The time of stay is determined by either a consulate of Canada or Border Services of Officers (BSO). Few of the temporary visa types in Canada are:

Canada Tourist Visa

Canada Super Visa

Intending Organ Donors Visa

Canada Facilitation Visa

Courtesy Visa

Canada Student Visa

Canada Temporary Work Visa

Working Holiday Visa

Temporary Residence Permit

Diplomatic and Official Visa

Canada Business Visa

Permanent Canadian Visas

Like temporary Canadian visas, there are some other visa types that are classified as a permanent visa type in Canada. Below is the list of some of the permanent Canada visas:

Immigrant Investor Program

Startup Visa Program

Self-employed Persons Visa

Quebec-Selected Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

Family-Sponsorship Program

Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP)

Who Needs A Work Permit To Work In Canada?

Not all the people staying in Canada require a work permit. A necessity of a work permit to legally work in Canda depends upon the visa type you have. As there are plenty of different visa types in Canada, not all visa types demand a work permit.

Most of the visa types that are considered as a Temporary Canadian Visas require a work permit. As the person holding a temporary visa have a certain time limit to stay in Canda, unless they change their visa type, working without having a legal work permit can get them in the hand of legal authorities.

While most of the Permanent Canadian Visas do not require a work permit. These people are free to stay in Canada as long as they want without any time limitation to stay. If any people holding permanent visas work in Canada without a work permit, no legal actions can be taken against them. They are free to work anywhere in Canada as per their wish and their need.

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Who is eligible for a work permit in Canada?

There are certain eligibility requirements that you should fulfill before getting a work permit in Canada. These eligibilities are bound by the Canadian government. The eligibility requirements are dependent on the place from where you apply it and the reason for which you apply it. But, you must follow the eligibility requirements below for a work permit regardless of the physical location or the type of work.

1. You must be able to prove legally that you will leave the country after the termination of your work permit time period.

2. You must show that you are financially strong to look after yourselves and your family members while staying in Canada and also if returning home.

3. You must not have any criminal history or any records of criminal charges. In order to prove this, you are required to You should not be a threat or a danger to the security of Canada.

4. You must maintain good physical and mental health conditions if you are required a medical examination.

5. You must not work for an employer who fails to comply with several required conditions.

6. You must not work for an employer involved in erotic messages or any other erotic activities.

7. If you are applying from any other countries then you must be able to provide all the legal documents that you are asked to enter Canada.

8. There are other certain eligibility requirements that you must follow depending upon the place where you are applying. The eligibility requirements for the ones living inside Canada might be different than the ones applying from outside Canada.

How much does a Canadian work permit cost?

Did you expect to get the work permit for free? There aren't many things that you can get for free in this world.

Depending upon the type of permit you are applying the cost for the permit varies. These costs are set by the Government of Canada and might change according to time. Below you can find the fees for various permits and visas applications that you can get in Canada.

Permit/Visa Fee

1.Study permit (including extensions) - C$150

2.Work permit (including extensions) - C$155

3.Work permit - C$100

4.Visitor visa – single or multiple entries (covering extensions) - C$100

5.Visitor visa – highest charge for the family - C$500

6.Visitor record (covering extensions) - C$75

If your Canadian status has expired within the last 90 days then you are required to re-apply for a restoration and it costs you C$200.

Can I apply for a Canada work permit without a job offer?

No, it is not necessary that you have a job offer for getting a work permit in Canada. There are two different types of Canadian work permits. Openwork permit, a type of Canadain work permit, is the one that you can have even without having a job offer.

But, it is important to keep in mind that this work permit does require you to prove a special situation that you might have. There are several situations that a Canadian Government recognizes as a special situation for Open work permit.

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What are the different types of work permits in Canada?

There are two types of work permit a Canadain Government offers.

1. Openwork permits

2. Employer-specific work permits

Openwork permits

An Openwork permit allows working for all the employers in Canada excluding the one

Who fails to comply with several required conditions of the Canadian Government?

Who is involved in erotic messages or any other erotic activities?

You cannot get this work permit all the time. It requires specific situations for you to apply for the Openwork permit.

A few of the eligibility requirement for Open work permit in Canada are:

A student fighting to meet the financial needs

Applied for permanent residency in Canada

A young worker involving in special programs

An international student who has completed the Bachelors or Masters degree from a designated school/university and is eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program

Employer-specific work permits

An Employer-specific work permit has certain conditions and if you fulfill those conditions you are able to apply for it. Those conditions are:

The name of the employer you are working for

The time period you can work

The physical location of the workplace, if applicable

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What are the documents required for a Canadian work permit?

The documents you require for a Canadian work permit also depend upon the type of the employer but below are the documents that all the foreigners applying for the work permit must submit.

A valid travel document or passport

Two photos of yourself as well as the family members if applying together

Proof of the job eligibility

The Quebec LMIA Application Process and Extensions to Quebec Work Permits

Relationship certificate proving your relation with your spouse/s, children, or common-law partners

Completion of IMM 1295 form, if applying from outside of Canada

Completed Document Checklist (IMM 5488)

Completed Family Information (IMM 5645) form

Completed Schedule 1 – Application for a Temporary Resident Visa form. There are several other considerations for filling out this form.

Completed IMM 5409

Completed IMM 5476 form. Might not require. There are several other considerations for filling out this form.

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