Fathers of Technology- Who Introduced The World To Technology

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Today's world completely relies on technology. Either it's your office, your school, your business, or even your own house, it's all full of technologies and inventions. No matter where we go or where we live, the world is full of technical machinery. But do you think it is good to have the technologies all around us?

Like everything out there, the invention of technologies also has both boon and a ban. Well, you might wonder what could be the disadvantage of having technologies as it has made our life so much easier but on everything, the disadvantages are in pursuit of advantages.

People thrive and employ all their energies on being independent, but no one has ever thought of how these unstoppable inventions in technologies are conquering over all our independence. These inventions are making us lethargic and especially these are forcing us to completely rely on them. For example, people nowadays can't even solve simple mathematics without using a calculator. Addicted to cell phones, people today can't live a single day without their phones.

But, it depends on people how much they want to get addicted to technology. Besides these, there are a plethora of reasons why people are taking these technologies for granted. The invention of these technologies is one of the main reasons why the world is skyrocketing towards development.

Along with saving an enormous amount of time, these technologies offer the ease of instant outputs. For example, using automobiles to travel miles away in a shorter time, operating business relying on the massive software capable of accurate outputs, ordering things online, and getting it the other day.

The world has flipped from the stone age to the modern age to a vast extent. But, only a handful of people are aware of the history of this massive change. People are extremely busy with their work and professional life that they don't have time for digging back into history and the inventors. While some people rely on these technologies but don't bother to explore to whom the credits of these inventions should go.

But, to the ones who are curious and admire these inventions, we have gotten the list of inventors who introduced this world to technology. We have oftentimes heard of Thomas Edison for inventing light bulbs and electricity, Issac Newton for introducing Newton's laws of motions, Alexander Graham Bell for inventing the telephone, Steve Jobs for inventing the Apple products, etc. But, these true heroes below do deserve equal fame and respect for their incredible contribution towards this technological world.

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Men Who Invented and Innovated in Tech

1.NORMAN ABRAMSON (Wireless Magician)

Norman Abramson is an American engineer and a network scientist. He is well known for his invention of "ALOHA to the Web" for wireless networking. ALOHAnet is the first wireless local area network that was successful in transferring data with the use of radio signals. All the wireless internet and stuff that you are enjoying today are because of his hard work and dedication.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Dr. Norman worked in research at the Hughes Aircraft Company. It was in Hawaii where he invented the wireless network and introduced it to the world. For his immense contribution to the world of networking, he received an IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal in 2007.

2.MARTY COOPER (Cellphone Hero)

Marty Cooper is an engineer who is famous for the invention of the first-ever cell phone. You might wonder how Martin Cooper changed the world?

Without his invention, the world might not have been this much forward. He invented a heavy, greyish, and a massive cellphone which weighed 2 pounds. He named his first cell phone invention as 'a brick'. After his invention, he himself and even others started developing the newer versions of the phone with additional features.

Even as of today, at the age of 91, he is famous for his jitterbug mobile phones.

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3.GERALD A. LAWSON (Gaming Legend)

Gerald A. Lawson was an engineer who changed the gaming world. Considering his remarkable contribution towards the gaming world he was honored as an industry pioneer. He was also honored with the [email protected] Gaming Heroes award in 2019.

He was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1940. Starting his career as an application engineer, he developed a Demolition Derby game in his garage. Marching forwards in his career of gaming, Lawson invented several other gaming consoles through his career like the Fairchild Channel F console, The Channel F console. He also established his own company, Videosoft, for developing video games and gaming software.

4.Dr. FUJIO MASUOKA (Flash Memory Inventor)

Dr. Fujio Masuoka is the person who invented flash memory. Before the flash drives, people were accustomed to using DRAM and SRAM. Though the generation now has changed to flash drive generation, they were a boomer at that time.

The biggest issue with DRAM and SRAM was all the data would go once the device is switched off. So, Dr. Masuoka dreamt of replacing these volatile memories with the non-volatile memory. Pursuing his dream with great zest, he introduced the world with NOR flash memory.

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5.NATHANIEL BORENSTEIN (Email Attachment Inventor)

personal data from it. But, back in the days, people were using a similar cloud function however were unknown about it.

Emails have been one of the most active ways of communicating personally as well as professionally. People every day send millions and billions of files through email. Such an application of the email attachment was introduced by Nathaniel Borenstein.

You must have tried emailing your scanned documents or anything else from your email to your own email address. Either sending it to yourself or to anyone else, this function in the email has helped the world extraordinarily.

technologies inventions Fathers of Technology Who Introduced The World To Technology


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