10 Countries Where You Can Get Free Education

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Paying your next tuition fee might be your current stress. But, did you know that there are countries where education is free? No sleepless nights working tons of hours, no stress for personal budget planning, stress-free education system. Well, it sounds like you need to be there.

While people here in the USA struggle for getting their higher education, there are few countries out there that charge nothing for receiving education. Though few universities offer full-ride scholarships, it oftentimes is very competitive and challenging to receive these scholarships. Due to the high competition and limited seats available, it is common for people in the USA to carry the stress of college and university tuition with them everywhere they go.

But, there are some cheapest and affordable community colleges and universities, that can help you lower the stress. Well as having no stress is way better than having loads of stress, people are mostly into countries where they can enjoy free education.

Where Can You Study Abroad for Free?

The ascending rate of the universities and colleges in the USA and the world has pushed people to study abroad programs. But, studying abroad then creates another problem of having three-four years of a financial plan for the college. Well, this is not the case in all the countries where you want to pursue your higher education.

There are plenty of countries out there that will eliminate your financial problems and the burden of hard times that you might have to face while studying abroad. These countries are truly heaven not just in scenic beauty but also for providing people the opportunity of free education.

Well, now let's move on to the lists of countries where education is free.

8 Counties With Free Education System

1.Germany - Free Education In Germany

Germany leads the position when it comes to free education. Germany officially abandoned all the tuition fees for all undergraduate students in the year 2014. Most of the public universities in Germany offer free education to all the people. You might sometimes, need to pay some administration fee but it is the size of an ant when compared to the other countries' fees.

Full of ancient history narrated architectures and ancient buildings along with the best education system, Germany could be your next top destination in the world.

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2.Norway - Free Education In Norway

Regardless of where you are, Norway provides free education for the graduates. Education is free in Norway for graduates, post-graduates, and doctorate levels. But, this holds based on one requirement and that is you must be fluent in Norwegian, one of the two official languages of Norway. This requirement is expected because most of the undergraduate courses in Norway are taught in Norwegian. Keep in mind that they do require you to prove the proficiency of Norwegian. So, if you are planning to go to Norway then, start learning it right away!!

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3.Sweden - Free Education In Sweden

Most of the universities in Sweden offer free education. This is valid for both Swedish people as well as the international students or foreigners. If you plan to pursue a Ph.D. from any universities in Sweden then, you will also get fundings for operating your research work. Mind it, if you are from a country that is not a member of the EU, EEA, and Nordic countries then, you might be required to pay tuition fees and admission fees for pursuing graduates and post-graduate degrees.

4.Finland - Free Education In Finland

For the students from the European countries, Finland offers free education. But, even if you are from a country other than European countries then, the fee is very less around USD 1500 per year. This policy started form 2017 and is valid till the date.

But if you are fluent in Finnish or Swedish and pursue your education in one of these languages then, you can easily access free education in Finland. Moreover, the doctoral-level is free of cost for any international students pursuing education in any language. Also, for international students with a strong academic background tons of scholarships and financial aids are offered.

5.France - Free Education In France

France is a beautiful country well known for its scenic beauty. Adding to its scenic beauty, Frace also has a pretty attractive education system.

Most of the universities in France offer a free education system. Though some public universities charge fees, they are only a couple of hundred dollars so, it ain't a big deal. Besides the free education, you also get to experience the tempting Eiffel Tower and beautiful Paris. Fantastic, right?

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6.Denmark - Free Education In Denmark

Like its neighboring European countries, Denmark also offers a free education system. If you are from any of the countries of EU/EEA and Switzerland then, you enjoy your freedom of free education. But for international students, you might need to pay couple hundred dollars to couple thousand dollars.

But, compared to other countries it is not bad at all. Though being a small country, Denmark has a high standard of living, and good thing it offers most of its courses in the English medium.

7.Greece - Free Education In Greece

Greece, along with its god gifted scenic beauty, is famous for its low living cost and free education system.

In addition to its living cost, Greece offers high-quality education to all the international students at a very lower price. Lower education cost with beautiful cradles and historic temples, Greece could lead you to a brighter future.

8.Belgium - Free Education In Belgium

The very low cost that international students need to pay in Belgium makes it almost a free education.

Along with free education, you get to experience completely different cultures and traditions of Belgium. Besides, you also get to taste the world-famous and scrumptious chocolates, waffles, fries, and beer of Belgium.

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9.Czech Republic - Free Education In Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, coupling with its other neighboring European countries, offers a free higher education system to all the nationals and international students, regardless of their origin.

But, if you are not fluent in the national language then choosing to study in the English medium could cost you a couple of hundreds to thousand dollars.

10.Spain- Free Education in Spain

Spain offers a free education system to the EU citizens only. But, if you are from other countries then, spending very few amounts of money, you can pursue your education from the undergraduate level to the doctorate.

Besides, the cost-effective education system, Spain is rich in cultures and scenic beauties. A few of the top universities in Spain are the University of Deusto, the University of Barcelona, etc.

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