10 Best Graduate Film Schools In USA in 2021

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Do you envision yourself in the huge Hollywood industry? Does the film industry make you feel it's yours and is made for you? If yes, then you have come to the right spot.

These days, the film industry has been the major source of entertainment and advancement. From little kids to teenagers and from adults to elderly people, the film industry has become a major need of daily life. It has become an immense source of advancement, a lead to impart knowledge, and a great platform to share experiences.

Well, now let's move onto the top universities that have significantly contributed a lot to the film industry in the US.

Top 10 Graduate Film Schools in USA

1.University of California-Los Angeles

The University of California-Los Angeles is one of the most renowned universities in the US for graduate film programs. It has been a school of over 45,000 students. Divided into six colleges and seven professional schools, it is one of the great universities within the great UC system. Among all, the School of Theater, Film, and Television is the great one for students wanting to pursue a film industry career.

At UCLA, one can earn a film degree in two different ways, MA or MFA in Film and Television. The programs are specialized in Animation, Directing and Producing, and Screenwriting. UCLA is not only well known for graduate programs but it is equally famous for undergraduate programs as well. If you desire to enter the film industry then, definitely check the programs offered by UCLA.

2.University of Southern California

The University of Southern California is a Hollywood-based university that is widely known worldwide. Besides the film programs, it is also widely known for the business and entrepreneurship programs. USC has been a home for over 43,000 students and it offers an MFA in Cinematic Arts, Film, and Television Production. Some of the classes that USC offers include interactive cinema class, music video production, reality television survey, and directing in a virtual world.

3.University of California-Berkeley

The University of California-Berkeley is one of the best universities in the world where over 42,000 students have attended. It is based in the Bay Area and is highly ranked in almost everything from STEM to the fine arts. Students enrolled at UC Berkeley can enroll in two different programs. They can either choose a Ph.D. in Film and Media or a Certificate in Film & Media Industries and Professions. Several classes have been offered at UC Berkeley for the film programs. Some of them include Pitch to Production, Entertainment Law, Film and Media Professions, and Understanding Film Sound.

4.New York University

Comprised of dozens of schools and colleges, the New York University has been a home for over 50,000 students. The distinguished Tisch School of Arts is the one offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs. It offers inventive MFA in Film Production degrees in the nation. The degree programs at NYU focuses on teaching how to make A four-minute, silent, 16mm film, A five-minute, digital character study, and A seven-minute, digital narrative.

5.Columbia University in the City of New York

The Columbia University in the City of New York is organized into 20 schools and has enrolled over 28,000 students up until now. Columbia's School of the Arts is the school associated with the film industry. It offers an MA in Film and Media Studies. This program has offered a recent theoretical engagement in film focussing on film or media. Moreover, several electives are also offered such as Cinephilia, Queer Film Theory, Visual Bodies: From Cinema to New Media, and Cuban Cinema.

6.University of Pennsylvania

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the University of Pennsylvania leads among most of the film universities in the US. It has one of the best business schools and arts programs in the nation. Up until now, over 22,000 grad and undergrad students have attended the University of Pennsylvania. It offers a graduate certificate program called the cinema and media studies program. Some of the core classes that it focuses on are World Film History to 1945, World Film History 1945 to Present, and Television and New Media.

7.Stanford University

Stanford University is one of the top and prestigious universities in the world. It is also well known to be the center of innovation and scholarship. Over 16,000 combined undergrads and grad students have attended Stanford University till today. It offers an MFA in Documentary Film and Video and offers several classes such as Film/Video Writing and Directing, Nonfiction Film Production, Digital Video, and Advanced Documentary Directing.

8.Loyola Marymount University

Located near Los Angeles, Loyola Marymount University is one of the largest Roman Catholic Schools on the West Coast. It is the best university for the ones focusing mostly on the production part of filmmaking. Over 9000 students have attended LMU till today. Some of the highly skilled classes that LMU offers are Cinematography, Fundamentals of Production, Writing for Production, and Post-Production.

9.Emerson College

Emerson College is located in Boston, Massachusetts, and has been home to over 3500 students which include around 1000 grad students. It is organized into several distinct schools and programs which rank as one of the largest in the nation. Emerson College can be said as a small school packed with big opportunities. It offers several distinct courses covering screenwriting, production, business, and history. They are specialized in a wide range such as History of Documentary, Avant-Garde/Experimental, Installations, and New Media.

10.Boston University

Boston University is located in Boston, Massachusetts, and has enrolled over 33,000 undergrad and grad students. It has 17 colleges and schools and is designated as having the highest research activity. The College of Communications at BU is the one focused on the film industry. It offers an MFA in Film and Television programs which is composed of 16 classes. Some of the specializations offered for the students are TV Theory and Criticism, American Masterworks, Film Theory and Criticism, and International Masterworks.

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