Best Apps For Money Transfer Worldwide 2021

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Money transfer these days has been easy. The process is much easier, faster, and more convenient. Either it's nationally or internationally, now, you can transfer money worldwide from any location and it only takes you a few minutes.

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Before, people used to wait for someone to travel to the place so they could physically transfer money. Money transfer physically was a must and it used to take several days to a month for transferring money internationally. It was because of undeveloped technologies in the old days and due to the lack of internet.

Now, there have been tons of apps developed and developing that can allow you to transfer money in a couple of minutes worldwide. These apps can save a whole bunch of your time. Using these apps you can easily transfer money to your friends or family members in no time and can save them as well as your valuable time.

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But, the thing is not all the apps have the best rate of transferring. Choosing the best apps for money transferring worldwide could be sometimes challenging. Thus, to save your time and effort we have filtered out and listed the best apps for transferring money worldwide at the best rate.

Best Apps For Transferring Money Worldwide


TransferWise was developed in London in the year 2011. It is a great app for transferring money online worldwide. It supports over 750 currencies worldwide. Some of the currencies it supports are USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, etc.

TransferWise is pretty easy and less time consuming to use. Once you get to the site or app you can input the currency and amount you want to send and the currency it converts to. Then, it will show the amount it converts to, all the charges like a debit card and other fees, the amount you save using the app versus using the bank for transferring, and also the time it takes for the amount to get transferred. Usually, the time for it to get transferred is 3 days from the day you transfer but it depends on the location and the amount you are transferring.


InstaReM is an app for transferring money internationally to many countries. It is a Singapore based app and it was founded in 2014. It supports over 10 currencies worldwide including, CAD, EUR, NPR, INR, etc.

InstaReM shows information about the fees that will be charged to have your money transferred, the conversion amount that you get, the conversion rate between two currencies, and the amount receipt will receive. The good thing is you can also track your transferred money and when it will be received by the recipient.


Transfast is an app to have your money transferred across the border to many different countries. It was been operating since 1988 and the owner of Transfast is Mastercard. Transfast is headquartered in Newyork, US but it also has several locations in different countries like UAE, Philippines, and India.

Transfast shows all the information related to the transferring amount, the amount that the recipient will receive, and the time it will be transferred.


You might have already heard of and used PayPal for transferring money. It is a great app that allows the transfer of money worldwide in less time and with a great transfer rate. It was founded in 1998 and eBay is the parent company of PayPal.

Using PayPal is easy and less time-consuming. All one needs to do is open the PayPal app, click scan, or pay to scan the QR code of your seller's QR code, then, by entering the amount you want to send or transfer you can send the money.


MoneyGram is another app for transferring money and it is headquartered in Dallas, TX. It has several locations in various parts of the world. It was founded in 1940 and its parent organizations are MoneyGram Payment Systems Inc, MoneyGram International Holdings.

Using MoneyGram you can transfer money to most of the countries in the world. Using MoneyGram by inputting the amount, the country, and the currency you want to transfer, you can easily place your order. You can also keep track of your transferred money and confirm if it has been received or not.

6.Ria Money Transfers

Ria Money Transfers is another way of transferring your money to various countries and parts of the world. It works coordinating with several agencies and companies to have your money transferred. It networks with the agents and companies from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and even online. It was founded in 1987 and it has over 200o current employees.

Using Ria Money Transfers you can type in the country, amount, and the recipient and it will show all the information related to it. You can also check prices, track your transfers, and find its various locations.


WorldRemit has been operating since 2010 and it is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. WorldRemit allows you to transfer money to more than 50 countries in less time and at a competitive rate.

While transferring money through WorldRemit, there will be several fees added for the transfer. As the transfer rate, the fees are competitive as well but the best thing is it allows the first 3 transactions fee-free. So, there will be no extra charges/fees added when transferring money for the first 3 times using WorldRemit.


OFX is an online money transferring company headquartered in Sydney, Australia. It was founded in 1998 and it has over 250 employed currently employed. Previously OFX was named OzForex and later its name was changed to OFX.

OFX has been featured in BNN, Bloomberg, CNBC, MarketWatch, Forbes, and REUTERS. OFX allows the transfer of many different currencies across the globe and some of its popular currencies are GBP - Pound Sterling, EUR - The Euro, AUD - Australian Dollar, PHP - Philippines Peso, JPY - Japanese Yen, MXN - Mexican Peso, INR - Indian Rupee, CAD - Canadian Dollar, and CNY - Chinese Yuan.


Remitly is a Seattle, Washington based company and it was founded in 2011. Remitly transfers money internationally to most of the countries of the world.

Remitly offers various ways of making money transfer in an easier and faster way. It allows the bank deposit, cash pickup, mobile money transfer, or even home delivery.

10.Xoom Corporation

Xoom Corporation is a PayPal service that allows money to transfer electronically. Xoom is more than just a money transfer. Through Xoom, one can transfer money, pay bills online, and also reload mobile phones. Xoom allows these services from the US and Canada to more than 131 countries in the world.

Some several other apps and websites offer you to transfer money internationally to many different countries.







17.Western Union

Money transfer transfer money worldwide money transfer online send money online


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