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The USA is a North American country comprising 50 states and is the most powerful country in the world till today. Unlike most of the other countries, in the USA each state has the right to enforce some additional laws as required. Federal laws are enforced in all the states and all the states are recognized as unique being given the rights to protect the people of their state by enforcing their own rules and regulation.

As each state can make its own rules and regulations, the names of the various state government offices and sites can vary accordingly. It is not possible to remember all these office names or websites, not even if you have been residing in the same state for several years. So, oftentimes we use the internet to help us find what we want.

Have you ever visited any government offices? Wait...what a silly question!! Did you ever search on the internet to know what are the documents that you need to visit there? How much money do you need to spend to have that work done? What time do they open and close? Are they open currently, due to the Pandemic?

If you are one of the managed and up to date people then, you will gather all this information before you go there to have your work done. If you have not done this before then, trying this will make your life way easier and faster.

Either we need to find some places, or we want to learn something, mostly, the first place we go and search in google. From middle school to high school, from colleges to Universities, from workers to professionals everybody uses Google or any other web search engine for many reasons every day.

Especially now due to the Pandemic, it has become one of the most essential things to do. Most of the offices still have not been back to the normal office hours. In addition, a lot of offices are only doing in-person visits by appointment or by calling, if possible. So, oftentimes people are unaware that now these offices also provide services online. For example, in a lot of states like Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, and many others, now you can renew your driver license online if you are a US citizen, a green card holder, or even non- immigrants residing in the USA.

In such situations, it sometimes gets time-consuming to search the websites, and usually, not everybody is aware of the new policies. Oftentimes, people visit these offices in the hope that they can complete the task they want to do and end up returning back doing nothing but instead, completing the same task online.

Then, why so much hassle? Who has so much time for it? Isn't there an easier way to do these same tasks, saving a whole bunch of time? Is there a website that lists all the different sites and their features along with different states and their most useful government offices?

You are on spot. Below you can find all those useful sites along with the features they offer.

DPS- Texas Department of Public Safety

Texas Department of Public Safety is the government department of Texas responsible for the vehicle regulation. DPS is the place where you can get your Learner's Permit and make a new Driver's License or renew another one. If you want to take a road test, issue a temporary permit, take drug education, or occupational license then this is the right place to visit in Texas.

If you visit the Texas Department of Public Safety website and go to Driver License frequently asked questions then, you can find a list of different questions along with their answers. Some all-time popular questions asked to DPS officers are: what are the documents you need to take with you for a particular task, the amount it takes to do the task if you can complete that task online or not, what to do if an officer forgets to give you your driver's license during a traffic stop, what to do if you still cannot find an answer to your question, etc.

If this is your first time going to the Driver's License office then, it is recommended that you look for the answer to all of your questions on the DPA website. This helps you save your time and effort.

Note: If you are not a resident of Texas and want to know what offices you can visit for various government purposes then, they are listed below for all the states of the USA.

IRS- Internal Revenue Service

IRS is the revenue service which is operated by the federal government of the USA. IRS is the office that operates by collecting taxes and administering the internal revenue code. Since it is an office of the federal government, all the states of the United States will have the same name, IRS, and several physical locations of the IRS.

If you want to pay taxes to the IRS then, do you need to visit the office in person?

The answer is no. You can actually pay the taxes to the IRS directly through your banking account. You can use both your debit card, checking or savings account, and credit card as well. If you do not have enough money to pay all your taxes at once then, you can pay them in installment following certain installment agreements.

IRS also allows you to easily pull all your federal tax information through EFTPS. It is a completely free service. It allows you to have three-layer security when you want to make payments electronically. First, it requires you to put your Taxpayer Identification Number, you can either use your SSN or EIN. Second, you need to put your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Lastly, an internet password including your internet browser. Having all this information, you can have a secured online payment and it saves your time in putting all this information every time you pay your taxes.

The United States Social Security Administration

The United States Social Security Administration is operated by the US federal government. It is responsible for social security cards and social insurance programs. The headquarters of SSA is in Woodland, Maryland.

As being a federal government office, SSA is available in all the states of the United States in several physical locations.

There are a lot of services SSA provides online. Using the SSA website, you can now apply for several benefits like disability, retirement, and Medicare benefits online. You can also manage your account by changing your address, setting up or changing direct deposit, printing proof of benefits, and printing your 1099. Moreover, you can also place a request for replacing your Social Security Card online. All these online features provided by SSA are a boomer and they save a lot of your time.

USPS- United States Postal Service

United States Postal Service is also a service company that operates under the federal government of the USA. USPS is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and provides employment to more than 633,000 people residing in the United States.

USPS is physically located in all the states of the United States where it provides various services including selling shipping supplies, confirmation services, providing receipts for purchases, weighing and classifying postage of envelopes and parcels, and many other services.

Do you know where you can make your passport in the United States?

Well, you might have guessed it. You can make your American Passport from any physical location of USPS near you.

If you are making your passport for the first time then, you must visit the USPS service office in person. You cannot make your passport online for the first time. If you need to view the list of the documents that you will need for applying for a passport for the first time then, you can visit the USPS website. But remember, as USPS has set hours for applying for a new passport, you must schedule an appointment online through Retail Customer Appointment Scheduler or a postal service kiosk. In addition, you will need to be paying the application acceptance fee and application processing fee. If you want to take passport size pictures and any other additional tasks will require an additional fee.

Good thing. Though you cannot apply for your passport for the first time online, if you are renewing your passport then it can be easily done online and your renewed passport can be mailed to you. You can use one of these options for mailing your passport to you: USPS Priority Mail Service with Delivery Confirmation, USPS Priority Mail Service with Signature Confirmation, or USPS Priority Mail Express Service (for overnight delivery requests). You will be charged accordingly on the basis of which service you choose for mailing.

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Below are most of the government websites visited by people residing in different states of the United States of America.

Most common websites

Internal Revenue service (IRS)

US. General Services Administration:

US. Government:

Social Security Administration:

List of Website from some States


Services: Income Tax, Business & License Tax, Sales & Use Tax. Office of Taxpayer Advocacy, Property Tax, Entity Registration & Processing Services, Collection Services, Tax Policy and Governmental Affairs, Taxpayer Programs, Office of Economic Development

Motor Vehicle Division


Services: Motor Vehicle Registration Renewal


Services: Vehicle Registration Renewal, Replacement Driver License/ID, Personalized /Specialty License Plates and many more


Services: Vehicle Registration Renewal, Change Address


Services: Vehicle Registration Renewal, Driver License or ID Card Renewal


Services: Vehicle Registration Renewal, Add/change vehicle address, Apply for driving license/id, Renew driving license/id


Services: Renew Your Vehicle Registration, Schedule Driving tests and many more


Services: Renew Registration, Address Change, Specialty License Plates, Military License Plates

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