Petroleum Engineering, Its Importance And Its Branches

Market | 2021-01-19 14:52:34.0

Petroleum Engineering is one of the two most leading engineering majors in the world on the basis of income. To flourish a country towards development, Petrole...

The 10 Highest-Paying College Majors of 2020

Education | 2020-12-12 23:43:10.0

Petroleum Engineering is the highest paying major in the world. The advanced tools and technologies used in the oil and gas industry have helped the world run ...

The Biggest Underrated Oil Town in Texas: Midland, Texas

Business | 2020-12-13 20:31:33.0

Midland is a city in west texas with an elevation of 2782 ft from the sea level. With a population of more than 135,000, Midland lies among the top cities with ...

What is Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam? Its Importance, and Its Benefits

Education | 2021-04-10 09:11:49.0

The NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering exam (FE) is a gateway to becoming a professional licensed engineer. It follows a CBT (Computer-Based Testing) exam format...

Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) Exam, It's Importance and Benefits

Education | 2021-04-11 09:06:08.0

The Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam is the examination that must be completed to become a Professional Engineer in the US. Before taking the PE...

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