Top Easiest Countries To Get Permanent Residence (PR)

There are a total of 195 countries in the world. More than half of those countries are developing countries while only few countries are counted among the most developed countries of the world. Some of the most developed countries in the world are Norway, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, China, Australia, Singapore, the United States, the Uk etc.

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Developed countries are those who are strong in the economy, infrastructures, and where most of the people are educated. Moreover, developed countries have a lot of opportunities and facilities for their citizens as well as for non-residents or foreigners. Good leadership, proper facilities, and equal opportunities for all the people living in that country play a vital role in shaping a country towards development.

Unlike, developing countries or under-developed countries are the ones with poor economies and poor development in infrastructures. These are the countries lacking behind in good leadership and where the citizens are given much fewer opportunities and facilities than what they need. There are various other factors like the poor education system, a governmental system running upon bribery, a system where the leaders are all about self-pampering and reckless of the citizen's needs, etc. that has caused a lot of countries to become a developing country.

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Such situations and conditions push people from developing countries to move out to the developed countries where the door of opportunities is open. Usually, people settle in those foreign countries permanently to live a better and quality life. After all, every person is a human being, regardless of where they were born, and everyone deserves to be happy. Moreover, living a life is all about seeking happiness and satisfaction.

Below you can find the list of countries where it is easier to settle down and have a permanent residence.

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Belgium is a country where it is easy to apply for a permanent residence. First of all to become a visitor or a foreigner of Belgium valid identity and several legal residential documents are needed. Without the proper documentation you will not be allowed to enter Belgium territory. For a citizen of a lot of countries, it is not required to have a visa to enter Belgium. A visitor from the USA can spend upto 90 days in Belgium without having a visa. Moreover, citizens of European Union can enter Belgium only with a valid passport and a valid ID.

You can apply for citizenship in Belgium either legally or through volunteering. There are mainly two ways to get a Belgian nationality. They are though a nationality declaration, different options, and by naturalisation.


Source: Immigration & Checkpoints Authority Singapore

Singapore is a country where applying permanent residency is very easy. If you are a foreign investor or a student studying in Singapore, you can easily apply for a permanent resident. Moreover, if you marry a person with a sIngapore Citizen or a Permanent Resident then, you can legally hold a permanent residency of SIngapore.

To apply for a PR in Singapore, the permanent residency application must be submitted online. A current foreign student of Singapore can use Foreign Identification Number (FIN) for filling out the application. You will need to be paying S$100 for the application and it is a non-refundable fee. You can make the payment using Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card, American Express (AMEX) credit card or, there are several other payment options available. If approved for the permanent residency additional fees must be paid for each applicant. Those fees include: S$100 for Entry Permit ( amount may vary according to the date applied), S$50 Identity card, S$30 per Entry Visa etc.


Source: Government of Canada

There are different ways to apply for PR in Canada. The governmental site of Canada offers a tool named Come to Canada that helps you easily find your eligibility to apply for a Canadian PR. Moreover, it also provides a suggestion of an immigration program that best fits you to apply. A correct response is very important while using this tool as it shows the results ecstasy based on your response to those queries.

By following certain rules and regulations and through various procedures, you can apply for a Candaian PR. A traveler, a student or legal worker travelling to Canada can directly apply for Canadian citizenship. If already in Canada then to apply for a permanent residence, you can either extend your work permit or extend your student permit.

4.New Zealand

Source: New Zealand Immigration

To apply for a New Zealand permanent resident, you must be residing in New Zealand for at least 2 years and should be able to prove a proof of your commitment to living in New Zealand.

Once you legally get a permanent resident of New Zealand, then you can travel in and out of the country without any travel restrictions. With no restrictions, you can live your life working and studying. But an important thing to remember is you must have your permanent resident card in a valid passport. If your permanent residency is rejected then, you might get an opportunity to update your resident visa with no travel restrictions applied.


Source: Consulate General of Brazil in Washington

Brazil is one of the countries where applying for a permanent resident will only require a few legal documents from you. These documents must be in a sealed envelope or must have all the required official stamps on it. You will need to have an official passport, complete visa application form (RER), passport size photons no older than 6 months and a Proof of jurisdiction. For an applicant less than 18 years old, several other documentations are required.

There are different ways you can get a permanent residency in Brazil. You can get it by providing a proof of relationship to the person who already has a Brazilian citizenship or a PR, by Sponsor's Brazilian I.D or Sponsor's formal affidavit.


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