5 Businesses That You Can Start With Less Than $5000

When it comes to doing business, the first few questions that come in mind are how much do I need to invest? Do I have enough money for it? What are the things I need to do? And importantly, will I be able to do it successfully?

Not all businesses need huge investment and when starting your first own business, you do not need to start it as a huge company like Amazon. This is something people often get fooled with and ultimately end up doing nothing or as a business failure. When starting a business it is very important that you dream big but start off with small, unless you have years of experience on that or have your own family business.

You might have heard that it takes a collection of hundreds of pennies to make a dollar. Meaning, building up constantly from a small amount with persistent hard work and continuity is what makes a business successful. Starting off with a huge investment with no experience and no idea in that field is the reason why a lot of people are having a failure in their business.

Doing business is not hard, it is all about your hard work, your target, and the ideology and technique you use to push it forward. Out of all, the most important, your continuity. It is easy to get started and it is easy to end up as a failure, but the toughest part is to reach success and for that the only thing needed is persistence. Not only in business but in your life if you are persistent then 80% of the time you reach success.

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If you are new to business or thinking of starting your own business then, these are the most essential things you need to keep in your mind all the time. Do you know, you can also start doing your business online or earn money online?

Well, too much useful information isn't it? Don't panic, we are getting there!!

Now let's find out the top five businesses that you can start off with a low budget and make a huge amount of money.

1.Selling merchandise online on Amazon


Did you know that you can actually sell products on Amazon and can earn money? Yes, you heard it right, you can start your business on Amazon.

There are certain rules and policies of Amazon that you need to follow then you can go on with your own business.

Before you start you first need to choose a selling plan that Amazon offers. If you choose an individual plan then, you will be paying Amazon $1 for every single item you sell. Likewise, if you choose a Professional plan then you will pay $40 per month regardless of the number of items you sell in a month. Moreover, for any of these plans you choose, Amazon charges a referral fee. It varies according to the products you sell and is a certain percentage of the total transaction per product. If you are a starter then, taking an individual plan at first and upgrading it later according to the number of sales you make will be a better option for you.

Next step will be choosing the selling strategy. There are two strategies you can choose and they are reseller, finding a pre-existing product or simply products of other brands and selling it on Amazon, or Brand owners, making your own products and selling it under private label. Most of the people do both at the same time, but if you are new to this and do not have any idea on manufacturing a product then, you can get cheaper products from wholesale and sell it on Amazon.

Then, the process is followed by creating an account and submitting all the necessary documents. There are also other offers Amazon makes like FBA for packing, shipping and delivering your products.

If you want to know more information about local dealers or where you can get your products from then you can drop your comments below with the specific location. This way we can help you start your new business.

2.Mall business

You might have visited lots of malls in your lifetime but, have you ever wondered what it takes to do a mall business? Have you ever imagined yourself being the owner of a store or booth in a mall?

If you haven't then now is the time to do so. Remember, sooner you start being independent, sooner you will reach success.

For doing a mall business, starting a booth, you really do not need to invest tons of money. As a starter, if you have a few thousand dollars in your pocket for the merchandise and for paying the mall rent, it will be enough. Let's say if your mall rent is $2000, and you will be buying merchandise of another $3000 then, your total will be $5,000. Also, the amount you spend for the merchandise is also your money but just in the form of goods.

Think of it, you can make money as you do your business, so a few thousand dollars can make you a business owner.

Ultimately, making money or not all depends on you and how you will operate your business.

3.Shipping Foreign Transcript

This is a kind of business that is hard to find. There are hardly some people doing this business because people are unaware of how this business can make you tons of money. As it is hard to find, if you start this business, there is a high possibility that you will earn a lot of money as you will possibly be the only one in your area or probably among few others.

If you are from a foreign country or if you are from the USA and have connections in foreign country then, you can operate this business easily.

In the USA there are a lot of immigrants and non-immigrants and people often find it hard to get their transcript from back home. Either, they do not have someone back home to send them a transcript or they hate to keep asking someone for the transcript every time they need it.

So, you can be the bridge between that person and the university in the foreign country. This way you can charge your customers additional fees for getting them their transcript. As it is usually awful to keep asking someone for getting their transcript, people from foreign countries residing in the USA often wish to be independent in terms of getting their transcript.

4.Makeup artist

If you're the kind of person who loves doing makeup or has some good makeup skills then this is most probably the best business for you.

You can start this business without professionally establishing an office or physical location for operation. You can have people come to your house or you can go to people's houses for doing the makeup and charge them accordingly. Later, once you feel like you are at that level where you need a permanent place to operate your business then, you can ultimately establish one.

In such businesses advertisements play a vital role. In today's generation, there are hardly some people who don't use Facebook or instagram. Therefore, for operating such businesses it is very important to throw out advertisements frequently.

Think of it as, the more you do the advertisement, more popular and successful your business will be. This is the key point in attracting more customers to any kind of businesses, especially when you are a starter. In addition, good customer service is always the most essential technique in attracting a lot of customers. Think of it, if you go to a restaurant to enjoy your time with your friends and you end up getting horrible customer service then, will you return back to that restaurant again? Most likely your answer is Hell No!!

In business, always keep in mind to give good customer service and to take more customers in return.

5.Drop shipping business

Drop shipping business, in simple words, is a kind of business where you act as a mediator between the manufacturer or seller and the customers. Usually in businesses, a seller either manufactures products or gets it cheaper from wholesale and then sells it to the customer directly.

But, unlike normal business patterns, in dropshipping the seller is not responsible for dealing with the products but instead, the drop shipper is the one responsible for dealing with the products and delivering them to the targeted customer.

This is one of the businesses that requires very low investment and is easy to operate. To operate this business you do not need to open your own store, stock up merchandise or pay the rent. You simply need to find the seller who needs the one for drop shipping.

If you have any specific topic or want to have information on any topic then feel free to drop a comment below. We will do our best to help you.


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