Top 30 Islands for Sale In USA

If you are looking for a peaceful life away from all these tantrums then visiting or owning an island is the best thing. There are plenty of islands for sale in Europe, Asia, North America, and all the rest of the continents. But today, we are focussing on a North American country, the USA.

These islands are located in different states and different regions. Most of these islands are fully developed islands that attract visitors from all various corners of the world. Most of these islands have great accommodation facilities and are packed with fun activities and exploring.

Let's dive straight into these islands to know more about them.

Best 30 Islands For Sale In USA

1.Sunset Key

Sunset Key is located in Florida, United States, and is a 27-acre island. It has tons of cottages, over 35, with two, three, and four bedrooms. The best thing is that they can be reserved entirely for special occasions like weddings. For booking resorts, different packages are offered. These are available for booking for special events from just a single day to up to three nights or four days. What could be better than having a wedding party on the island?

2.Stout's Island Lodge

Stout's Island has been a mesmerizing island that has attracted thousands of visitors for nearly 150 years. It is located in Birchwood, Wisconsin, and is a full-service type island. It is a great place for family, weddings, and team-building lifestyles. They have very unique and memorable lodging choices that enhance their beauty. It is a great place to gather up with family during summer as it provides all the essential things needed. Moreover, it has unlimited things for fun for kids as well as adults. Some of their offerings include tennis, bocce ball, hiking trails, canoes, kayaks, billiards, ping pong, etc.

3.Little Palm Island

Located in Florida, United States, Little Palm Island is a perfect place for honeymoons, weddings, spas, and family gatherings. At first sight, it seems like it is floating in the Florida Straits and looks no less than a paradise. It is located at a very short distance, 30 min drive from the Key West International Airport. Packed with captivating 30 oceanfront suites, at Little Palm Island, one would find all sorts of comfortable and adventurous activities to enjoy. From the deep sea to backcountry fishing trips, and from kayaking to snorkeling, this island offers a lot for its visitors.

4.Coupon Key

Coupon Key is another great island situated in Florida, United States. It is located 1.6km offshore of Ramrod Key. There one would find an amazing glimpse of sparkling reflections of the sun on turquoise water which is speechless. Visitors can rejoice in eye-catching scenic beauty along with an enjoyable cocktail. Some of the amenities offered at the Coupon Key include a 4,500 square foot house, Air-conditioned, 8 bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, 400 square foot sun deck, Satellite TV, and more.

5.Whiskey Island

Whiskey Island is a romantic island and is also perfect for family gateways. It is private and one of the oldest islands that preserve history and is located in New York, United States. This island refreshes and awakes the visitors with breathtaking sunrise and sunset, and a crystal clear river. Fishing, swimming, and relaxing are its pleasures. It includes renovated lodges, open porches, and ancillary structures. The lodges include 8 bedrooms, 4 baths, a kitchen, a master room, and an office. The ones visiting the Whiskey Island Lodge are charged $1,250 per night for bookings of at least 4 nights and $8,500 for 7 nights.

6.Dry Island

Dry Island is another great island for sale in New York, United States. It is located in upper Saranac Lake and is a full ore self-service type island. The 12-acre Adirondack lodging on this island offers luxurious accommodations on a weekly or monthly basis. For the service, a Boatman, Chef, and Housekeeper are available all the time. For fun, one can enjoy tennis, biking, jogging, paintball, nature trails, museums, galleries, and many more.

7.Laurel Island

Laurel Island is located in the East Hampton of Connecticut, United States. It is 5 acres, self-service type island. It is perfect for a friend or family reunion and retreat. Its accommodation includes 5 private cottages with a huge main lodge. For foods, one can order from a local categorical that serves all different diets including vegan, gluten-free, and more. The cost for spending a whole weekend on this island is $180 for each person for at least 20 people. If food and lodging both are included then for 3 days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday it's $320 per person.

8.Ever After Estate

Ever After Estate is an out-of-the-world island that resembles none in Florida. It is a 62-acre island that is in Orlando, Florida. The best thing is it has been featured on HGTVs Most Outrageous Homes in America. For accommodation, it has a lodge with 3 kitchens, 12 luxurious bedrooms that allows sleeping to a maximum of 45 people. It has indoor and outdoor movie theaters, sports courts, fishing, and tons of other things for fun. This island offers visitors a full 6 start experience with its outstanding services and facilities.

9.Oar Island

Oar land is a 38 acres privately owned island located in Maine, United States. It is located just 1/4 mile from the mainland in Muscongus Bay. It includes The Cottage that provides accommodation to 6 people with bedrooms on both the first and second floors and The Cabin with a single bedroom. On Oar Island, one can be involved in boating, fishing, swimming, waterskiing, scuba diving, and many other things. It is also a fantastic island for hiking in Camden Hill, photography, camping, and shopping.

10.Petra Island

Peta Island is another developed private island in New York, United States. It is located 50 miles from the north of NYC. It only takes 15 minutes by helicopter. This island includes 2 houses designed by well-known Frank Lloyd Wright. It is an 11-acre island with its own helipad. For accommodation, it has a 1200 sq. ft cottage and a 5000 sq. ft main residence. The cottage was built in 1950 while the main residence was built in 2008. These properties on this island can rarely be found. For the prices and rents, an inquiry needs to be sent out to the owner.

Other Top Islands in USA

11.Shelter Island Estate

12.Terra's Key

13.Palm Island

14.Green Island, Georgia

15.Cow Key

16.Tavern Island

17.Sipson Island

18.Hope Island

19.Belle Island & Cubbage Island

20.Live Oaks Island

21.Faraway Estate

22.Savage Island Plantation

23.Trump Island

24.Green Island

25.Little Goat Island

26.Autrain Island

27.Loud Island

28.The Carolina Cays

29.Basin Island

30.Big Gull Island


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