The Biggest Underrated Oil Town in Texas: Midland, Texas

Midland is one of the top oil-producing towns in Texas. Though Houston appears first when it comes to the biggest oil town in Texas, Midland is equally as significant as Houston in oil production. Till today, the underrated Midland has produced billions of barrels of oil and more than a trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

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As everyone knows, Texas is the most oil-producing state in the US. In 2019, Texas accounted for 1.8 billion barrels of oil produced in the US. The two main oil producer in Texas is the Eagle Ford Shale formation and The Permian Basin. Out of the several basins that comprise The Permain Basin, Midland Basin is the largest.

Midland is a city in west texas with an elevation of 2782 ft from the sea level. With a population of more than 135,000, Midland lies among the top cities with the lowest unemployment rates. With the booming of the oil and gas industry, the population of Midland ascended along with the average salary. The median salary of the people residing in Midland is $75,000 per annum. It is more than the median salary in the USA which is around $55,000.

Why Is Midland, Texas So Expensive?

The expensive Midland, Texas is one of the cities in the USA with the lowest unemployment rates. Along with the high average income of the Midland residents, the cost for almost everything is higher in comparison to the other cities in Texas.

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One can visualize Midland, Texas as a place wherein every footstep an oil and gas pump jack or an artificial lift can be observed with a great closeup. Midland being a city rich in oil and gas, most of the residents are also prosperous and thus can afford the expensive lifestyle that Midland has.

No doubt, the booming oil and gas industry is the main reason behind Midland being so expensive. Generally, in most of the cities and towns the price increases as we approach holiday seasons like Christmas, Thanksgiving. Unlike others in Midland, Texas, all that matters is oil and gas prices. As the market value and costs highly depend on the flourishing oil and gas industry the prices of housing, food, hotels, lounges, and almost everything fluctuate constantly over years. For example, if booking a hotel during the downfall in the oil and gas industry costs you $100 then, the same hotel room during the rise in oil and gas price will costs you $500.

List Of Oil And Gas Companies In Midland, TX

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Midland, Texas in the heart of a lot of big oil and gas companies. The rising Permian basin is the primary goal of these oil and gas companies and thus, Midland has been the central objective. Below are some of the top oil and gas companies located in Midland, Texas.



















Is Midland, Texas A Good Place To Live?

Analyzing and observing the overall environment of Midland, it is a good place to reside as long as you have a good source of income. Midland, Texas might not be your dream city, but is one of the best cities to earn tons of money.

Midland is not as developed as other big cities like Dallas, Houston, but it a place that is capable of fulfilling your dream life. Generally, the main motive of people relocating to Midland is to earn money and spend quality and luxurious life with family on vacation.

Relocating to Midland, Texas one should be ready to face the fluctuating prices on apartment rents. During the oil and gas booming, the apartment rents ascend very high making it one of the expensive rentals in the USA. Oil is the king of Midland and thus controls all the fluctuations in the market and its economy.

Universities Offering Petroleum Engineering Programs Near Midland, Texas

Midland, Texas is the perfect fit for people with oil and gas background. The oil and gas companies hire potential Petroleum Engineers holding at least a Bachelor's Degree. There are a couple of top universities near Midland, Texas that offer Petroleum Engineering Degree with a quality education. These universities are listed below.

1. Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

Texas Tech University is one of the top 10 Universities in the USA offering a Petroleum Engineering Degree. Texas Tech University offers Bachelor's in Petroleum Engineering, Masters in Petroleum Engineering, and PhD. in Petroleum Engineering. For the ease of students, it also offers a combined Bachelors's and Master's degree in Petroleum Engineering.

2. The University of Texas of the Permian Basin, Odessa, TX

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin located in Odessa, TX offers Bachelor's in Petroleum Engineering. But an important thing is, unlike most of the other universities, it doesn't allow a dual major along with the Petroleum Engineering degree.

3. Midland College

Midland College, located in Midland, Texas offers short courses on Petroleum Engineering. Some of the courses it offers are: Evaluating Shale and Tight Oil and Gas Reservoirs, Petroleum Engineering for Non-Engineers - Online, Basic Drilling For Non-Drilling Engineers, Managing Sucker Rod Lift Well Failures, Basic Oilfield Operations Training, etc.


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