Reincarnation - A Life You Previously Lived

You might have somewhere at some point in your life heard of reincarnation, probably as a traditional myth. You might have wondered about reincarnation and want to explore what exactly it conveys. You are at the right place where you could learn more about reincarnation and why it is a matter of concern. Think about..

Does reincarnation really exist? If it does, why hasn?t anyone been able to prove its existence? If not proven yet, why do we even care about it? Well, think about it, does it hurt to have extra knowledge about something?

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Reincarnation is the traditional myth about the existence of the human soul even after the death of the human body in the form of other living creatures. Reincarnation is the belief that though the human bodies die, the human soul never dies. After the death of human beings, it is believed that souls could exist either in the form of the human body or other living creator. Well think of it, if reincarnation is something that really exists, then in the next life, you could be an owl watching the world sleep. So enjoy your life now, you never know. It?s a good joke, isn?t it?

Where and how was reincarnation started? To which countries has it expanded?

Reincarnation is not something that everyone in the world believes or even every religion believes. It is our own opinion and choice to either follow the belief of reincarnation or just disregard it. There are some religions in the world that believe that there really is a life even after we die and we reborn either being back to humans or could be animals, insects, fish, birds or any other living creature. The myth of reincarnation started from Indian and Nepali religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism. Even though Hindu people do not give credence to reincarnation, they do accept the presence of life after death. Moreover, the majority of Christian and Islamic people also do not believe in reincarnation but there are some people who believe that they will have a life of different creatures after their death.

Though initially started from Nepal and India, the belief of reincarnation has also been broadened towards Western communities. European people as well as North American and South American communities have slowly been pushed towards the belief of reincarnation.

Has reincarnation been proven yet? Is it even possible to be proven?

As reincarnation is something that has been believed to happen years after the corpse is laid down, it really doesn?t seem to be possible to be proven. But there are tons of examples that show the possibility of reincarnation.

For example:

There are children who remember and keep uttering about their past life as they see something that resembles their past. As that child is the only one who might have experienced it in the past, it really puts others in dilemma for either believing it or not.

There have been other incidents when people have recognized their past life, past profession and the reason for their death in their past life.

There is a child who when small said that he was a girl in his past life. This is a very famous story of a reincarnation of a person. You probably have heard of it.


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