Top Most Demanded Programming Languages In 2020

Programming Languages and codings are the foremost knowledge to build a successful career in today's generation. The application of programming languages and codings are not limited to only the IT sector, but most of the sectors now are based on digitally encrypted data. From banking systems to household appliances like TV's, everything is based on codings. Codings are essential expertise to have as a Data Scientists, Engineers like: Mechanical, Civil, Petroleum, etc., researchers, web designers, etc.

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Have you dreamt of your dream utilizing codings and different programming languages? Have you ever thought about how essential it is to have the skills of various programming languages in today's generation? Well, don't be late, your computer and codes are waiting for you to dive into it.

You might be wondering where to begin coding. As a beginner, this is the hardest part of commencing your coding journey. Having a plethora of codings out there in the market, it really is the matter of fact which is the most widely used and can be used.

So, what are the most demanding programming languages in the market right now? What sectors are these most widely used and how many of these play a key role in your career aims and goals?

No matter what sectors and majors you are in, it is always beneficial to know programming languages, it doesn't hurt you. Here we have made your life easy filtering the programming languages that you can learn to bring changes in the world. There are the hottest languages in the market currently.

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Popular Programming Languages

1.Python Programming Languages

Python is the most versatile and most widely used programming language in the world today. It is also the most user-friendly programming language among all that can make a difference in the world.

Being given a great zest and continuity, learning python is easy as a piece of cake but, as said, your persistence and your enthusiasm are what matters. It is a vivid, well- structured and well- built programming language applicable in wide varieties of sectors like: web as well as mobile applications, data sciences, machine learning and many more.

Python Django, a high level Python Web framework, is the most widely used framework for coding in a back-end web development. Various famous sites like: Youtube, Dropbox, Spotify, Instagram have been built using Django. Django helps in building better apps with faster and easy short codings.

Even though it's been a while since Python has been introduced, it plays a great deal in building up your career. As it is never late to start something new, it is a great time to start coding in Python.

2.Java Script

JavaScript Logo

Java first appeared in the year 1995 and in the year 2020, it is happy to announce it’s 24 years. Brendan Eich’s designed JavaScript is widely used in the world for various purposes and various sectors. JavaScript has been the leading programming language till 2019 for 17 years until when the Python stepped ahead in 2020.

Working hand-in hand with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is the programming language mostly used and very famous for front-end website development. Google, Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia, Amazon, ebay are some of the famous websites using JavaScript for website development.

Did you know that google uses JavaScript for both frontend and backend coding?

Comparing Java to other programming languages like C, C++, it is easier, faster and modernized to use JavaScript. Therefore today, JavaScript, an object-based programming language is most widely used in various websites developments after Python.


Swift Logo

Swift is the most widely used programming language in mobile applications and Apple products. The optimization of Swift for better performances has increased its wide applications of iOS in all new Apple products.

Did you know that Swift was first introduced by Apple?

iOS is also the main Operating system in Apple Watch and Apple TV including iPhone and iPad. Swift, also known as Apple Developer, is one of the mighty programming languages used in all Apple products like macOS, iOS, TVOS and WatchOS.

The development of Swift by Apple has not only created versatile Apple products but also made the life of other developers easy and comfy as Swift can be used for various other creative developments.


Kotlin is a general purpose programming language that first appeared in 2011. Kotlin was developed and designed by JetBrains and it is a very powerful and widely used programming language.

Did you know that Google has also been using Kotlin for its Android applications since 2019?

Kotlin is the combination of object oriented and functional programming features and is a famous alternative for Java compilers. The development of Kotlin hand in hand with Java has increased the flexibility and its effectiveness. Kotlin has its wide applications in website development, android applications development, desktop development and also server-side development.

Therefore, learning Kotlin is like having the companies roam around you for your brighter future.


Scala is also a general purpose programming language developed and designed by Martin Odersky in 2004. Scala is celebrating its 16 years this year, 2020.

If you are accustomed to the Java programming language then, Scala will be a piece of cake , as Scala is often referred to as a modern version of Java. The flexible operation of Scala allows the developer to personalize the data types providing them with a great relief. Its strong ability to interoperate with Java has made it one of the most widely used programming languages.

Scala is engraved with various features of functional programming languages like: immutability, pattern matching, Scheme etc. It’s versatile features and compatibility has made Scala one of the top skills towards a strong career.


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