Can You Be A Landowner Of The Moon? Is It Possible?

You might be wondering if it is a joke or is it real?? Can someone really buy land on the moon? This really is an interesting thing to have your brain spinned.

It is very true that now you can buy the land on the moon. It was not possible years ago as there was an OST treaty signed in 1967. OST treaty stands for the Outer Space Treaty which was signed between the US and the Soviet Union. Under the Articles of this treaty, there are laws to equally spread the benefits of the moon and other planets and celestial bodies. It includes the fact that the moon and other celestial bodies are not something that can be owned by any nation or any person but it should be used in such a way that benefits all.

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There are several other treaties that have been signed for the protection of these celestial bodies including the moon. Regardless of these treaties that had signed years ago, now the land on the moon is for a sale.

Several celebrities, Presidents, and thousands of people have bought the piece of the land on the moon. The reason behind mostly the celebrities and Presidents buying the land on the Moon and only thousands of people buying it is that the public is not aware of the fact that it is even possible to buy the land beyond this world.

Now the question is how can we buy the land? has the legal right and authority to sell the land of the moon. It is the Earth's Oldest, Most Recognized Celestial Real Estate Agency. It is the world's most recognized agency that has been selling the lands on the moons for decades. Moreover, it is the first company to have a trademark as well as copyright for the selling of the land.

If you are worried about an upcoming birthday or anniversary gift then this is the most unique and beyond the world gift that can mesmerize your partner, colleagues, or family. This is the opportunity to stand out as a unique person within the crowd of ordinary ones.

Lunar Land provides a flexible platform where you can choose how much land you want to acquire for example: 1 Ares, 5 Acres, 10 Acres, 20 Acres. It provides the legal document with the location of the owned land with its quadrant, lot number, latitude and longitude.

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If it is to be gifted to someone then, they offer you the option to custom print the name of the respective Moon Landowner. While checking out for the purchase, the option to custom print the name of the owner is provided.

Moreover, along with the quadrant, lot number, latitude, and longitude, it also provides the moon map of the land with the fancy packaging to mesmerize and influence the customers towards the gifting someone. In addition, along with the legal documents, it also ships the CD to watch the video to visualize the place owned.

Once the payment and all the customization is done, it is officially recorded in the lunar land registry as well as International Association Of Human Planetary Exploration (IAOHPE).


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