Best Websites For Things To Do In Vacation in 2021 | Things To Do, Packages, Tickets

When planning a travel trip, we are more into booking plane tickets, hotels, car rentals, and other stuff. But these do not limit the bookings that one will make for the trip. Once, all these bookings are done, then one will browse into booking tickets for excursion activities and tour guides.

The excursion activities and tour guides play a huge role in making a great trip. Finding the best tour guides and adventures nearby seems to be time-consuming. But these days, it is no more bothersome as there are plenty of websites that help you find the best things to do nearby. Below we have listed some of the best websites to help you guide for your wonderful trip.

Top 5 Websites For Booking Tours and Travel Activities


Viator is one of the best and most reliable sites for all travelers, either a solo traveler or a family traveler. Owned by Tripadvisor, Viator has listed enormous top attractions, top tours, warm destinations, and heaps of things to do for almost every corner of the world. Viator is not the operator of these tours. Instead, it is a great search engine made for the ease of travelers exploring the world. From browsing reviews to booking airport shuttle, guided tours, daylight packages, travelers can find all sorts of different activities and places to travel to make the most out of the vacation. Thus, Viator is a great site for all travelers to nibble when planning an adventurous trip anywhere in the world.


For the last-minute hoppers, StubHub is a lot more than a lottery. It explores events and activities nearby concerning Sports, Concerts, Theater, and Comedy. Not only great for hunting for events, but it is also a great website to buy tickets at a very low price at the last minute and for the ticket holders to unload their tickers that are no more used. Saving a great deal of money, StubHub could be a lifesaver when it comes to budget travel.

3.Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscure is a great website that offers a lot more than other travel guide sites. As the name implies, it offers abounding places to visit that one wouldn't normally find on excursion websites. The best thing one can find on this website is the selection of places to visit as per the interest. One can effortlessly find the next travel destination digging under one of these categories: Art and Culture, Food, History, Photography, Wildlife & Nature, Private and Hidden Cities. From all continents to all destinations, Atlas Obscure has profuse offerings of trip packages of which the bookings are handled by Airbnb.

4. Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb offers magnificent and unique activities, places to visit, places to stay nearby, and plenties of outdoor collections and experiences. Its offerings are focused on providing travelers the feel of living like a local. The thing that stands out Airbnb than others is it prioritizes private tours by locals than huge travel guide companies. Browsing through the Airbnb website, one can find the gateways for the destinations for arts and culture, outdoor adventures, mountain cabins, beach destinations, and a lot more. Thus, this leads Airbnb to be one of the best and most useful websites for traveling.


GetYourGuide somewhat resembles what one would find in Viator but it is focused more on experiences. When observed based on the function they both aren't very different as they both allow comparison of tours and prices. But, when trying to find the best, it is worth browsing both.


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