25 Best Undergraduate Nursing Schools

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Best Undergraduate Nursing Schools In USA - 2021

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A Bachelors's degree in Nursing is a dream of a lot of people that pursue their higher education here in the USA. Either the US-born students or the international students who have traveled far away from home would love to have their career as a Nurse.

Pursuing an undergraduate degree in Nursing will help the students to formulate their knowledge and skills and apply them to the real Nursing world. The biggest challenge when it comes to pursuing an undergraduate degree in Nursing is, which is the best university for Nursing?

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With hundreds of universities offering Nursing majors, it is not easy to pick the right university for the Nursing career. So, here we have listed the top 25 best undergraduate nursing schools in the USA.

25 Best Undergraduate Nursing Schools

1.University of Pennsylvania


The University of Pennsylvania is a private university based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is a huge university with over 10,600 undergraduate students. As being a top undergraduate nursing university in the USA, getting enrollment here is very competitive. The acceptance rate at the University of Pennsylvania is 8%. It is famous for the following majors, Nursing, Financing, and Economics. According to the data provided, 96% of the students graduating from this university get a job and earn over $70,000 annually as a starting salary.

2.Duke University

Duke is a Christian private university that is based in Durham, North Carolina. It is an intermediate-sized university with over 6,500 undergraduate students. As it is also one of the best undergraduate universities in the USA, getting enrollment here is competitive. The acceptance rate is only 8%. Besides Nursing some of the other renowned majors that Duke University offers are Computer Science, Economics, and Public Policy Analysis. As per the data, the graduates of the Duke University earn over $75,000 as a starting salary and about 95% of the graduates get their job after graduation.

3.Emory University

Emory is a very popular university for the ones pursuing a Nursing major. It is a private Christian University that is located in Atlanta, Georgia. It is an intermediate-sized university that has around 7,000 undergraduate students. The Emory University is less competitive in terms of enrollment acceptance rate. It has a 16% acceptance rate which is double the acceptance rate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Duke University. Besides Nursing, the students enrolled at the Emory University also pursue, Business and Biology majors. According to the data, about 90% of the students graduating from the Emory University get their job right after graduation and their starting salary is usually over $57,000.

4.Villanova University


Villanova University is the fourth-best undergraduate Nursing university in the USA. It is one of the high-rated universities that is medium-sized. It is a private Catholic University that is based in Radnor Township in Pennsylvania. It has over 6,500 undergraduate students. The Villanova University is not as competitive as the aforementioned three universities in terms of the acceptance rate. Its acceptance rate is 28%. Some of the most pursued majors at the Villanova University are Finance, Nursing, and Communications. Upon graduation from the Villanova University, 90% of its students get their job with the usual annual salary of over $60,000.

5.University of Rochester


The University of Rochester is a private university that is located in Rochester, New York. It is another medium-sized university that is one of the best undergraduate Nursing universities. It has over 6,000 undergraduate students. Moving further up in the acceptance rate, Rochester University has an acceptance rate of 30%. Most of the students in this university pursue Nursing, Biology, and Economics majors. About 87% of the graduates from the Rochester University get their jobs after their graduation with a starting annual salary of around $45,000.

6.University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan is one of the high rated and popular universities for nursing majors. It is a public university that is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is one of the huge universities with over 29,000 undergraduate students. Though being such a huge university, the acceptance rate is not very competitive. The acceptance rate at the University of Michigan is 23%. Including Nursing majors, students enrolled at this university also go after Information Science, Business, and Economics majors. About 93% of the graduating students from this university get their job and their starting salary is around $50,000.

7.New York University

New York University is another top seven universities in the USA that is best for undergraduate Nursing studies. It is located in New York. NY. It is one of the best universities in the world that is established in over 15 cities all around the world. The New York University offers a great platform for the students to escalate their academic understanding of Nursing.

8.Saint Louis University

Saint Louis is a private Catholic University based in St. Louis, Missouri. Like other universities, it is also a medium-sized university that has over 6,400 undergraduate students. The acceptance rate at this university is 58% which in comparison to other universities is very high. The other majors that the students pursue at the Saint Louis University are Kinesiology and Exercise Science. About 79% of the graduating students at this university get their job after their graduation and their starting salary is over $45,500.

9.Boston College


Boston College is a very popular private Catholic college in the USA that is based in Newton, Massachusetts. It is also a medium-sized university that has around 10,000 undergraduate student population. It is also one of the competitive universities. It has an acceptance rate is around 27%. Students here are Boston College also pursue Economics, Finance, and PSychology major. About 94% of graduates from Boston College get their job after graduation while earning over $55,000 as a starting salary.

10.University of Virginia

The University of Virginia is a well-rated public university and is based in Charlottesville, Virginia. It is one of the large universities and has over 16,000 undergraduate students. The acceptance rate here at the University of Virginia is not so competitive as others and the acceptance rate is 24%. Students enrolling here also pursue Liberal Arts and Humanities, Economics, and Business. Over 95% of the graduate students from the University of Virginia get their job after their graduation with a starting salary of over $50,000.

Other Top Undergraduate Nursing Schools In the USA

11.Georgetown University

12.Case Western Reserve University

13.Northeastern University

14.Clemson University

15.University of Portland

16.Texas Christian University

17.Point Loma Nazarene University

18.Brigham Young University

19.University of Pittsburgh

20.Azusa Pacific University

21.The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

22.University of San Francisco

23.University of Florida

24.University of Wisconsin

25.The Ohio State University



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