Top 34 Tuition Free Universities In USA

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Best 34 Tuition Free Universities In USA

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The only stress that overwhelms most college students is the need to paying thousands of dollars to secure a safe career through education. The high loads of tuition fees have been mountaineering and students have accepted it as their future.

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But it is not true for all. None of the students deserve to be drowned in debts just to complete their higher education. Thus, there are plenty of universities out there that offer full scholarships and tuition-free education.

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Let's take a short trip to these top universities offering tuition-free education to all American students and international students.

Top 34 Tuition Free Universities In USA

1.Stanford University

Stanford University is the dream university of thousands of American students. It is a private university established in 1885 and has around 7000 undergraduate students currently enrolled. Stanford University endeavors for the world's most talented, creative, and motivated students to ensure to preserve its ongoing tradition.

Stanford University, being one of the most delighted universities in the world, supports all its students by awarding grants, scholarships, and need-based aids. Almost half of the students of the Stanford University procure need-based aids and all the students with a family income of less than $65,000 receive a full-ride scholarship at Stanford University.

2.Harvard University

Harvard University is the first established university in the USA. It is the wealthiest university in the world with the highest fundings available. Harvard is one of the top universities in the world with excellent higher education. Harvard has been advancing its reputation by recruiting top faculties, researchers, and students from all over the world.

Harvard University ensures equal opportunity to all deserving and capable students, regardless of their financial background, by offering grants and scholarships. Along with American students, Harvard meets the financial needs without needing to take student loans for all its international students. Like Stanford University, Harvard also offers a full grant to 20% of its students with less than $65,000 family income.

3.Yale University

Yale University is the third oldest university in the USA. It is well known for its high standard higher education system. Yale University leads in research opportunities and retains its academic excellence. It is not only one of the best universities in the USA but it also holds a high position among the best universities in the world.

Yale University focuses on admitting highly motivated and enthusiastic students and thus, empowers them by financially sporting them. Students with family earnings under $65,000 are offered to study at the Yale University without needing to pay a penny. Students are offered enough scholarships and grants ensuring that no students need to take any loans.

4.Columbia University

Columbia University is the first college established in New York City. It was founded in 1754 and has been the home of several National Prizes and other prestigious awards. It is one of the top universities in the USA and the world.

Columbia University is one of the most challenging universities in the USA with an acceptance rate of only 6%. It seriously takes its decision in enrolling the top students from all around the world. For the students in need, Columbia University offers a large sum of scholarships and grants. For the students having a family income under $60,000, there is no need to pay even a single dime for their education.

5.Cornell University

Cornell University is another well-known university in New York State offering tuition-free education. Cornell University lies among the top 20 Universities in worldwide offering high standard education. Cornell University was established with the motive of offering education to all low and middle-income families.

As per its motive of establishment, Cornell University has been supporting all its students with scholarships and grants. For all the students with a family income below $75,000, there is no need for paying any tuition fee. Neither there is a need for student loans.

6.University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is a university founded before American Revolution. It was founded in 1740 and is the first university to offer medical and business schools. It is one of the top 10 ranked universities in the USA and is also of the best universities worldwide.

The University of Pennsylvania attracts thousands of brilliant students every year and is on top of its recruitment. Like other top universities, Penn also ensures that all its undergraduate students get proper education without needing to take any student loans. Penn offers financial aids in as grants and word study. Penn also makes sure that all of its students graduate with no debts at all.

7.Duke University

Duke University is a renowned university for its high level of research. It is a private research university founded in 1838. It is a huge university encompassing over 8,500 acres of land on three colleges. As being a huge university, it offers employment opportunities to over 37,000 employees and is the second-largest employer in the US.

Duke University enrolls diversified students from all around the world and offers enough full-ride scholarships to most of its students. All the students receiving the full scholarships are given the opportunity for three summers of national and international experiences. Moreover, they are also subjected to alumni scholars.

8.Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College is the last college to be established before the American Revolution and was established in 1769. Before, up until the 20th century, Darmouth was small and was not well known. But after the 20th century, it went under high development of its research sectors and became one of the highly known universities in the USA.

Dartmouth University has been offering all of its student financial aids ensuring that none of its students require need student loans. But, it has not fully eliminated the student loan system. Still, it offers full financial aid to the students attending the university with less than $100,000. Students generally pay their tuition with the help of scholarships. They even work on campus for extra support and families also go after student loans for additional need.

9.Brown University

Established in 1764, Brown University is one of the most prestigious universities in the USA. It was the first university in America to enroll students regardless of their religion. It was also the first university to offer students pass/no-credit courses option.

Since 2008, Brown University has offered a lot of plans to all its undergraduate students by offering tuition-free education. Undergraduate students are eliminated from paying any of their tuition fees and are subject to no need for loans. At Brown's University, students are not accepted based on their family income but instead are accepted based on their excellence.

Other Top Tuition Free Universities In the USA

10.Berea College

11.University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

12.Vanderbilt University

13.Antioch college

14.Central Christian College of the Bible

15.United States Merchant Marine Academy

16.College of the Ozarks

17.Alice Lloyd Collge

18.Blackburn College

19.Webb Institute

20.Haskell Indian Nations University

21.Barclay College

22.City College of San Francisco

23.Warren Wilson College

24.Curtis Institute of Music

25.Deep Springs College

26.Ecclesia College

27.Sterling College (VT)

28.University of the People

29.United States Air Force Academy

30.United States Coast Guard Academy

31.United States Military Academy at West Point

32.United States Naval Academy

33.Williamson College of the Trades

34.Williamson E. Macaulay Honors College (CUNY)


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