Best 11 Encrypted Messaging Apps

The best-encrypted apps can help you secure all your private sharings without potentially being breached.

Messaging apps have made life very relaxed and trouble-free to establish communication. The extraordinary feature that every app offers tend to captivate many people. However, with the new means of communication, there always remains a question on security. One can find several apps that seem to be fascinating but there have been instances when these apps have been alleged of infringement. The texts, calls, videos, and files that users swap, could have been potentially recorded and read by third parties, parent companies of the apps, and even the government authorities. Apps like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Whatsapp lack end-to-end encryption, and thus the files might not be as secure as we think they are.

To have highly secured chats, and calls, It is extremely crucial to use the encrypted messaging apps that protect every bit of chats and data that are shared through the apps. Below we have listed some of the highly secured apps using end-to-end encryption systems to provide additional security in data sharing.

Top 11 Encrypted Messaging Apps

1.Signal Encrypted Messaging App

The Signal is the best encrypted messaging app that is used by millions of people. For the ones disquieted about sharing their messages, Signal is the best app to use. Signal uses its own end-end encryption that allows its users to securely share their contents. The signal app is owned by a non-profit organization, and thus its only priority is to offer ease to its users. The company has been run by donations and grants and thus the app doesn't include any ads or sponsorships.

Some of the features offered by the Signal app are Open-Source Protocol, Encrypted stickers, Encrypted chats, auto disposal of messages after a certain time, and more.

2.Threema Encrypted Messaging App

Threema is another one of the best private encrypted messaging apps. Ensuring the safety and privacy of users, the servers of Threema automatically delete messages permanently, after they have been sent to the designated person. As it is open-source, users can themselves ensure the accuracy of encryption.

Some of the features that Threema offers are verifying contacts via QR code, developing distribution lists, creating pools, chatting privately, and more.

3.Telegram Encrypted Messaging App

Telegram is one of the popular encrypted messaging apps that allows users to privately and securely exchange data and thoughts. The cool feature about Telegram is that it allows its users to self- dispose of all their texts, pictures, or any documents that they share after a certain amount of time. For the ones heavily concerned about the security, there is another option in the advanced settings of the app which allows to turn on secret chats mode. As long as the device you're using is secure, all your chats and talks through this app are secured.

A few of the great features that the Telegram app has are self-destruction of all secrete texts, unlimited size of chatting and sharing, allows sharing of any types of documents, time precise texts disposal, and more.

4.Wickr Me Encrypted Messaging App

Wickr Me is another highly used app for securing sharing texts and files. It is one of the highly secured and encrypted apps that can be used without registering through email addresses or phone numbers. The app has a default system that turns on the encryption automatically. As being highly secured, this app uses Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) and supports Two-Factor Authentication.

Some of the cool features that Wickr Me has are self text destructions, data retention for up to 30 days, create groups and network with people, allows sharing of files, videos, pictures, offers a free 1GB file transferring a plan, and more.

5.Silence Encrypted Messaging App

Silence is another end-to-end encrypted app that works even if there is no internet connection. It used to be called "SMS Secure". The app is monitored up-to-date by security professionals to make sure it retains its encrypted security system. It is an open-source app that can be accessed without needing to sign up.

Some of the best features that the Silence app offers are an open-source platform, encrypted private messages, no need for internet connection, and more.

6.Wire Encrypted Messaging App

The wire is another highly secured chatting app and is one of the few apps that have end-to-end encryption. The end-to-end encryption serves great for protecting the texts, files, pictures, and anything that the users share. The best thing is for each new message, a new encryption key is used. This reduces the effects of a single compacted key. This app has very firm rules against the security of data in Switzerland and the EU.

Some of the great features that the Wire app offer are group networking, open-source, file sharing, conferencing, time-bounded conversations, and more.

7.Pryvate Now Encrypted Messaging App

Another great app for private encrypted messaging is Pryvate Now. It has been developed by experts for reliable functionality. Like very few apps, this app also offer a self-destructive messaging service. Users are themselves able to destruct all their shared data in a timely manner.

Some of the best features offered by Pryvate Now are private emails, file storage, audio calls, video calls, group calls, group networking, and more.

8.Viber Encrypted Messaging App

Viber is a widely use an encrypted messaging app that is used by millions of people across the globe. This app allows users to exchange texts, pictures, videos, and voices. Regardless of the size of the contents shared, users are offered ease of use by various of its cool feature. Viber has an end-to-end encryption system and including all its individual chats, group chats, and group file transfers are also equally encrypted and protected.

Some of the cool features that Viber offers are HD video conferencing, sticker sharing, instant messaging, instant voice texting, unlimited members in group chats, and more.

9.Dust Encrypted Messaging App

Previously known as Cyber Dust, Dust is a great app for securely transferring files and documents. The Dust has several layers of security and encryption system that highly secures and protects users' information and data. The Dust app has a cool feature that notifies if any screenshot of the app is taken. It also offers self-destruction features to its users that allow its users to timely destruct all their data.

Some of the great features that the Dust app offers are unending messages, gives notifications for any screenshots taken, deletes the chat history every 24 hours, and more.

10.Line Encrypted Messaging App

Line app is another best encrypted messaging app that allows users to securely chat. Line app has an end-to-end encryption system that offers additional security to the users and their data. This feature that provides additional security on the Line app is called "Letter Sealing".

Some of the best features offered by the Line app are live video chatting, Letter Sealing, Messages, Photos, Videos Sharing, Stickers Sharing, and more.

Another great app for encrypted messaging is

11.Voxer Encrypted Messaging App


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