Best 10 Free Whiteboard Software In 2021

Either you are thinking of making online videos or you are trying to teach online, the whiteboard software is a huge necessity. These days instead of TV shows, people are more into watching online videos. In fact, most of the students are more attracted to watching online videos than attending tutoring classes for additional help.

These whiteboard videos offer more benefits than other traditional videos and thus, have been extremely popular these days. These videos are more capable of grabbing the audience's attention, make it easier for audiences to catch information, and deliver information clearly and smoothly.

For making these whiteboard videos, the whiteboard software is the best as they make the job of video editors much simpler. They not only make video editing faster but also yield great quality videos that can immensely benefit audiences.

Let's check out these amazing whiteboard software that can be your lifesaver.

Top 10 Free Whiteboard Software


Lucidspark is one of the best apps for virtual whiteboards. It helps people to organize notes and scribbles. Moreover, it also helps to make those notes ready for presentation. Lucidspark is packed with cool features and techniques which is why it is a very famous app. Some of the features that Lucidspark offers are integrations, sticky notes, freehand drawing, chat, templates, timer, and Miro import. Lucidspark starts at a price of $6.95 per month but it also has a free version. And if you are new to Lucidspark, it also offers a free tutorial.


Miro is another great app for a collaborative whiteboard platform. Miro has over 13 million users worldwide. It promotes users to develop creative ideas by offering over 250 ready-made templates and over 60 integrations. Miro starts at a price of $10 per feature a month but there is also a free version available with limited access to features. It also offers a free trial for those who want to see all the cool features that Miro offers. is another virtual whiteboard platform that allows the collaboration of small and large teams. It is more than just a whiteboard and has tons of great features embedded that help users customize dashboards. Some of the features that offers are 360 Degree Feedback, Access Controls/Permissions, Account Alerts, Account Management, Activity Planning, Activity/News Feed, Administrator Level Control, Advertising Management, Agile Methodologies, Alerts/Notifications, Analytics/ROI Tracking, and Applicant Tracking.

4.InVision App

InVision App is a digital design platform with over 5 million users worldwide. It offers tools for design and education resources. Some of the features that InVision App offers are Animation, Collaboration Tools, Data Linking, Desktop Interface, Digital Canvas, Drag & Drop, Feedback Management, Idea Management, Interactive Elements, Mobile Interface, Presentation Tools, Prototype Creation, Reporting/Analytics, Revision History, and Screen Capture. It has a price starting at $15 per feature per month but it also has a free version that everyone can use. And like other software, it also has a free trial to help first-time users.


Milanote offers a free online whiteboard that can be used by everyone for different purposes like teaching, project preparation, etc. It organizes all the ideas and helps them grow faster. Some of the great features that Milanote offers are Brainstorming, Collaboration Tools, Content Management, Idea Ranking, Ideation / Crowdsourcing, Mind Maps, Project Management, Project Planning, Real-Time Editing, Status Tracking, Task Management, Version Control, and Workflow Management.

6.AWW app

AWW app is a touch-friendly online whiteboard that helps to create, save and share boards with others. Like other apps, AWW app also offers great features for ease of users. Some of the features include Brainstorming, Collaboration Tools, Digital Canvas, Discussions / Forums, Real-Time Editing, Reporting/Analytics, Sketching and Annotation Tools, Templates, Version Control, and Video Conferencing. To enjoy all these great features, $10 per month per feature needs to be paid but it also has a free version with limited features.


Jamboard allows a team collaboration and helps to visualize digital canvas. It is loaded with useful features such as Collaboration Tools, Diagramming, Digital Canvas, Idea Management, Presentation Tools, Reporting/Analytics, Sketching and Annotation Tools, and Templates. It has a free version but it doesn't offer a free trial.


Slickplan is a perfect app that helps in building sitemaps, designing user flow, planning content, and designing mockups. It is a popular app for planning websites or apps. It has been built by designers, especially for design experts. Some of its very useful features are Auto Update, Collaboration Tools, Data Import/Export, Drag & Drop, Flowchart, Mind Maps, Pre-built Templates, Real-Time Editing, SEO Management, and Version Control Like most of the other apps, it is also priced at $8.99 per month per feature and has a free trial and free version.


Stormboard helps users to capture, organize and share ideas and creativity online. It offers real-time collaboration with the team to perform major assigned tasks. It has built-in templates in Agile and has other great features that can benefit users. Some of those features are Activity/News Feed, Collaboration Tools, Diagramming, Digital Canvas, Idea, Management, Idea Ranking, Ideation / Crowdsourcing, Mind Maps, Presentation Tools, Project Planning, Reporting/Analytics, Sketching and Annotation Tools, Status Tracking, Templates, and Visual Workflow Management. Stormboard costs $5 per month per user and has both the free trial and free version.


IntuiFace is another world-famous app for creating and managing interactive user experiences. It provides the user with highly functional features and allows them to use their own data and layouts. Some of the features that it offers are 3D Objects, Animation, Audio File Management, Auto Update, Collaboration Tools, Content Scheduling, Customizable Templates, Digital Canvas, Media Library, Multi-Screen Support, Offline Editing, Offline Presenting, Presentation Tools, Remote Display Management, and Reporting/Analytics. IntuiFace has a free trial and a free version available for everyone.


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