What Is Astrology?

Are you concerned about your future? Do you know you could predict your future and review your past history through astrology? Doesn't it sound amazing that we can have a vibe of what our future might look like?

Despite the future being uncertain and unpredictable, having a sense of future and being prepared for it can be amazing. Astrology gives the feeling of time travel, where you are traveling years ahead in your future through a strong imagination.

Astrology is the part of science that involves cosmic objects like planets and stars and explains how their presence and positions can influence human life. Astrology works on the basis of the positions of these planets and stars when each individual was born. The position further varies according to the time and the location where the person was born.

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Astrology believes that the positions of these planets determine the personality and the life the person will live. It determines how successful the person will be in his/her life. As these planets' positions are not fixed and they change throughout the lifetime of that person, a person will have various stages in their life.

How Astrology Works

1.Does Astrology Work?

Zodiac signs

A Quick Astrological Prediction- Less Realistic

In the name of astrology, people are mostly aware only of their astrological sign which refers to the 12 constellations of the zodiac. These zodiac signs and their predictions are posted in newspapers daily and also in televisions and other social media, nowadays. This is the part of sun-shine astrology where human life can be predicted only briefly to a limited extent. As being limited and since tons of people correspond to the same zodiac sign, it's prediction might not hold for everyone. This is determined based on the birth dates and it is the simplest and less realistic way of predicting the future of a person.

Detailed Astrological Predictions- Most Realistic

While most people are unaware of detailed predictions of astrology, they rely upon the aforementioned sun-shine astrology.

But, the detailed astrological predictions are most realistic and the things they predict mostly hold true. The reason behind this is the actual science that it uses and the reasoning that it provides for all the predictions that it makes. But, this should not be used as a truth of your life nor should it be used as an excuse of having a certain behavior. It is like the exam review that teachers provide students before the exam. It shows how the exam will look like but remember it will only include few or none of the questions in the exam review.

It uses a natal chart which is the chart that consists of all the planets and their positions in the respective houses when the person was born. As each individual is only born once with certain positions of planets, there is only one natal chart for each individual which never changes throughout the lifetime.

The natal chart can be built easily by the astrologers by knowing your birth date and the exact time you were born. But, now life has been easier.. You can easily obtain your natal chart by just simply using websites and providing it with your birth date and exact time. WIth the same date and time, it produces the exact same natal chart as an astrologer would create.

It is very essential that the natal chart is created using the exact birth date, time and location. Even a few minutes of up and down in the time and a wrong birth location can make variations in the natal chart and the resemblance rate of its predictions into your life can be lower.

In the natal chart the horizon, dark line about in the middle, acts as a datum. Meaning if someone is born at night then, most likely the natal chart of that person will have sun below its horizon. The natal chart consists of 12 houses which represent the 24 hours- rotation that the Earth makes around its own orbit. But, often people confuse it with a zodiac wheel which signifies the yearly rotation that the sun makes. In these 12 houses, the planets, during the time of birth of a person, are placed on the basis of their positions. And the positions of these planets are the main factors that determine the personality, behaviour, success rate, their health, wealth and everything.


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