Artificial Intelligence - The Future Ruler of The World

You probably have heard of Artificial Intelligence and might want to explore more on what actually an artificial intelligence is and its different branches or divisions. Going through this blog will sharply increase your knowledge on Artificial Intelligence, it's impacts on human life and its journey towards leading the whole world. Additionally, this post will most probably increase your enthusiasm towards artificial intelligence furthermore. So, why wait, let's dive into it deeper.

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With the growing age of Earth, each newly introduced generation has brought a higher level of development with the advancement in technologies. Comparing today's world with the world a decade ago, enormous deviations in the field of technology and development can be observed vividly. Such developments and changes are made every year which has motivated and encouraged engineers in developing complex problem-solving techniques to enhance the intensity and beauty of human life. As said, nothing is impossible, looking at the faster growth rate of human involvement in evolving technologies, it certainly would not take too long to see robots everywhere in place of the human. The world could be full of robots and Artificial Intelligence engraved technologies.

What is Artificial Intelligence and how has it been subdivided?

Artificial Intelligence, in the simplest word, is the technique that involves the engraving of human intelligences into the machineries. Artificial Intelligence is a vast subject and it has many sub-divisions: Reactive AI, Limited Memory AI, Theory of Mind AI, Self-Awareness in AI and probably more. Reason why it probably has more subdivisions is according to different authors and people, Artificial Intelligence has been subdivided into various categories. But these four mentioned are the main branches of Artificial Intelligence. Since, being a gigantic subject matter, the branches of Artificial Intelligence are not connected to one another and have their own definitions and purpose.

Is Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence the same?

A lot of people ponder when it comes to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Though these two terms sound amicable, there is a vast difference in between these two.

Artificial Intelligence can be easily understood from its term. Artificial means human made and Intelligence means the capability of performing with the proper thinking, wisely. Therefore, in order to apply Artificial Intelligence technique in machines, humans have to code so that the machine can provide the desired output.

In contrast, Machine Learning, an application of Artificial Intelligence, is also clear from its own terms. In simple words, Machine Learning means the new techniques learned by the machine without the human interference or coding. Like humans, learn more from practicing and going through various materials, machines also have the capability of learning new techniques on their own, if provided with a lot of data. Such ability of machines and robots acquiring brand new skills with the use of various data and information provided is called machine learning. Machine Learning prioritizes the development of various techniques with which machines can themselves access various data to develop new skills as per the situation.

How Artificial Intelligence has impacted our lives?

Like everythings has a boon and a bane, Artificial Intelligence also has impacted human lives both in a good and a bad way. Though it seems like AI only has positively impacted our lives, AI also has negative impacts on humans and probably only few are visible in present. What about the future? If AI continues to develop and explore will it only be limited to its positive impacts?

Positive Impacts of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a point of contention in this twenty first century which has pushed human life to be more luxurious and better. There are tons of different equipment generated using AI that provides us help in security, problem solving and digitalization. The few hot products in the market that uses AI are:

5.Security Alarms

Safety and security are the two things that go hand in hand for a happy and luxurious life. AI has jumped over these things offering us with stronger and higher security alarms and cameras.

These things have a system using AI that sends notification on any either uncertain or desired actions. For example: if any person tries to invade your home then the presence of an unrecognized face immediately sends a notification for safety. Moreover, we can ourselves set a notification for the actions like: family members arriving home from work or school, any online delivery package at the door, any guest at home etc.

6.Prevention from Frauds

AI is used for fraud prevention, especially by banks. Like we humans get concerned by seeing any unknown huge transactions made from our account, the use of AI sends a notification with the actions done and the location including the time when the action happened.

Such application of AI helps people to be alert of their finances. Moreover, its extra feature of asking to verify the transaction provides additional security.

7.Medias and digitalization

Google homes, Alexa, Echo are all the products that most of the people have in homes today. The positive impact that these products have provided is beyond explanation. They have wide varieties of functions that have made life so much easier.

From answering questions to setting alarms, from cooking in the kitchen to turning off lights, the development of such products has helped people save time and act faster.

Negative Impacts of Artificial Intelligence

Apart from those positive impacts, people are not aware of the negative effects caused and will cause due to the high use of Artificial Intelligence.

9.AI makes people lazy and thus unhealthy

The cool and outstanding features of AI have certainly made life easier and thus, its demand has been increased. But, AI used technologies like various tv games, Google Home, online orders and similar products recommendations etc. have made human beings very lazy. Due to these products people are more likely to be constrained within their homes and outside interactions seem to be less. Because of AI, Going to the grocery has converted to home ordering and delivering, shopping has been limited to home delivery, spending leisure time reading novels has been replaced by playing games and scrolling Facebook.

10.Artificial Intelligence more likely causes employment crisis

Development of robots and machineries performing all the work done by human hands can most probably cause a huge crisis of unemployment in the near future. Lack of employment can cause a global crisis and human life will be in danger due to the overuse of Artificial Intelligence in almost every field. So, it is better to limit the use of AI to secure the future lives and future generations.

11.Increase in AI terrorism

As AI has been used for human benefits, the growing use and demand of AI can cause the enlarging production of terrorism related tools and equipments. For example: Development of drones to hack a system, development of nanorobots to spread and deliver certain diseases. The awareness and attention should be given to indicate such future problems to prevent the destruction of future lives.


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