64 No GRE requirement Universities In USA

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There are a lot of universities that have no GRE Requirements in the USA. These universities might have had the GRE requirement before but with time they changed to universities with no GRE requirements.

Sounds interesting, isn't it? You must have been happy hearing that there are universities that do not require you to take GRE.

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Transitioning from a bachelor's to a master's degree brings joy along with stresses. People often get overwhelmed by just hearing the name of GRE. Without knowing what it is, people have a terrifying feeling for GRE engraved on them. Thus, 90 out of 100 people wish to get enrolled in a university where they are not forced to meet the GRE requirement.

Be excited, now your dream has come true. Along with a high-quality education, now you can complete your Master's degree with no stress on giving a GRE examination.

Top 10 Universities With No GRE Requirements

1.University of Florida (UF)


The University of Florida is located in Gainesville, Florida. More than 12,000 students are enrolled at the University of Florida and it offers over 250 majors that graduate students can choose from.

UF has waived GRE, GMAT, and FE requirements for applicants seeking admissions in most of the degrees offered at UF for Spring 2021, Summer 2021, and Fall 2021 admission. This offer might be available in future coming semesters as well. But some majors don't have GRE requirements regardless of which year you get enrolled in.

Note: The Warrington College of Business still requires these admission examinations for full-time MBA and all Ph.D. applicants. Moreover, the College of Education also requires students to take those examinations for all Ph.D. applicants.

2.Boston University (BU)

Boston University is located in Boston, Massachusetts and it was founded in 1839 AD. There are more than 17,000 students at Boston University pursuing graduate degrees.

Not all the majors offered at Boston University have no GRE requirement. Masters in Business Analytics and Master of Science in Computer Information Systems are the two majors that have no GRE requirements at BU. All the other majors offered at BU might have a GRE requirement.

No GRE required majors:

* Masters in business analytics

* Master of Science in Computer Information Systems

3.University of Pittsburgh (Pitt)

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The University of Pittsburgh is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The University of Pittsburgh has more than 33,500 students currently enrolled. According to the data from the University, in 2019, 15,000 students who graduated from the University of Pittsburgh were recruited by employers.

Though Pitt had the requirement of GRE before, now they have eliminated this requirement. Yes, you heard it right. You don't need to give the GRE to get enrolled at the graduate school of the University of Pittsburgh regardless of any major you choose.

4.University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is located in Lincoln, Nebraska. It is well known for being the state's oldest university. It is also said to be the largest among all the systems of the University of Nebraska.

Most of the majors offered at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have been waived for the GRE requirement. But there might still be some majors that require you to take GRE to get enrolled.

5.George Mason University

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George Mason University is located in Fairfax City in Virginia. It was opened in September 1957 and offers 127 graduate degree programs. Along with 127 graduate programs, George Mason University also offers graduate-level certificates.

Most of the graduate-level degrees offered at George Mason University have the requirement of GRE. But there are few courses for which the GRE requirement has been waived. Those courses are Health Informatics Systems and Civil Engineering.

No GRE required majors:

* Health Informatics systems

* Civil engineering

6.Washington State University (WSU)

Washington State University is located in Pullman, Washington and it offers more than 100 graduate degree programs. It was founded in 1890 and is one of the oldest universities in West America.

Most of the graduate courses in WSU require GRE. But few of the Master's programs have waived the requirement of GRE for the ease of the students.

7.Park University

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Park University is a private and nonprofit University located in several locations. It is located in Parkville, MO, and Gilbert, AZ. IT was established in 1875.

Park University offers a lot of degrees that don't have the requirement of GRE while some of the specific majors might have GRE requirements.

8.University of Cincinnati

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The University of Cincinnati is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and it was established in 1819 as Cincinnati College. It has over 44,000 students enrolled in different majors offered at the university.

The University of Cincinnati offers more than 100 graduate degree programs. Some majors do not require the GRE to get enrolled at the University of Cincinnati, one of which is MS in Computer Science.

No GRE required majors:

* MS in Computer Science and more.

9.University of North Texas

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The University of North Texas is located in Denton, Texas. It is comprised of 14 colleges offering their different majors and minors. The University of North Texas offers 94 Masters and 36 doctoral degrees.

The University of North Texas had a GRE requirement before to get enrolled in the graduate degrees but now this requirement has been regardless of any major you take. But, pursuing MS in Data Science has had no GRE requirement in the past.

No GRE required majors:

* MS in Data Science and more

10.The University of Oklahoma (OU)

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The University of Oklahoma is located in Norman, Oklahoma. It was founded in 1890 and has over 6000 graduate students majoring in different fields.

OU offers a lot of different majors without GRE requirements. But very few majors have GRE as the must needed requirement that cannot be waived at any cost.

No GRE requirement majors:

Most of the majors offered at the University of Oklahoma.

11.Northeastern University, Boston

12.San Jose State University

No GRE requirement majors:

* Biomedicals

* Anthropology

* Economics

* Public Administration

13.Florida International University

No GRE requirement majors:

Except for the Master of Science programs in computer science, cybersecurity, information technology, telecommunications & networking

14.Oklahoma State University

No GRE requirement majors:

* Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering

15.Kansas State University

16.University of Idaho

No GRE requirement majors:

* Geology

* Computer Science

* Architecture

* Material Science & Engineering

* Mathematics

* Philosophy

* Metallurgy

* Biological Engineering

17.New Mexico State University

18.California State University, Sacramento

No GRE requirement majors:

* Arts

* Chemistry

* Child Development

* Civil Engineering

* Geology

* Kinesiology

* Marine Science

* Mathematics

* Mechanical Engineering

* Music

* Tourism programs

19.Pace University, New York City

20.University of Dayton

21.Villanova University

No GRE requirement majors:

* MS in Electrical Engineering

22.Sonoma State University

23.Rowan University

24.Wichita State University

* Chemistry

* Computer networks

* Electrical & Computer Engineering

* Biomedical

25.Stevens Institute of Technology

26.DeVry University

27.University of the Pacific

No GRE requirement majors:

* MS in Data Science

28.Fairleigh Dickinson University

No GRE requirement majors:

* Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

* Communications

* English

* Hospitality

* Public Administration

29.Johnson & Wales University

30.University of New Haven

31.West Texas A&M University

32.Southeast Missouri State University

33.National University

34.New England College

35.Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

36.California State University, Channel Islands

No GRE requirement majors:

* Masters in Computer Science

37.Northeastern Illinois University

38.Colorado Technical University

39.University of Bridgeport

40.Lewis University

41.Jacksonville State University

42.University of Idaho

No GRE requirement majors:

* MS in Computer Science

43.University of Central Missouri

No GRE requirement majors:

* Masters in Computer Science

44.Oklahoma City University

45.National Louis University

46.Alliant International University

47.Point Park University

48.Ecpi University

49.Missouri Western State University

50.City University of Seattle

51.Concordia University Texas

52.Rivier University

53.Notre Dame de Namur University

54.Adler University, Chicago Campus

55.Trine University

56.Marymount California University

57.Westcliff University

58.Virginia International University

59.International Technological University

60.Montclair University

61.Stratford University

62.IGlobal University

63.Stevens Henager College

64.Pace University, Westchester


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