Want to get a FREE US private phone number from outside the USA? Are you planning to explore your business in the USA?

Getting an official US phone number is no longer reserved only for those who live permanently in the US. There are now plenty of apps that let you get a free US mobile number even if you live elsewhere.

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It’s easy to get frustrated when you try to make an international call from another country. The solution is simple – just download an international calling app and have an internet connection.

Some of these services don’t require a credit card or payment details.

Just enter your email address at signup and they’ll send you instructions about how to activate your new number. Once activated, you can start making calls using the free minutes that come with each service.

In this business-driven world, people are doing all they can to secure their name and fame. And making a name and fame doesn’t only take commencing own business, giving advertisements and hiring employees. But instead, expanding the business into more locations and countries also play a huge role.

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There are billions and trillions of people operating their own businesses in the world. People these days are thriving to make money. Doesn’t matter what it is, if there is money people are attracted to it as metal is attracted to a magnet. The world has been driven by inventions and innovations and people are competing against one another for success.

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If you need to expand your business in the USA, you need a US phone number where people can call and have their queries placed. Having a US phone number can help people know about your business. Good customer service is very important for a successful business and a phone number plays a huge role.

Get FREE US Phone Number

Is not having a FREE US private phone number bothering you? Do you want your own FREE US phone number and not want to use others’ US phone numbers?

On the mark, from here your independence on having your own FREE US phone number begins. For expanding your business in the USA, you don’t need to be here in the US or compel someone else to use their US phone number. You can create your own, and be the one.

We have got your back and have listed below all the things that you need to have your own FREE US phone number. Without spending a penny or buying new mobile phones, get your own Free US phone number staying in a different part of the world.

29 Apps for free phone number

textPlus App

Textplus app can be used to generate FREE US phone numbers by which you can make free unlimited calling inside the US, unlimited texting. There are only a few steps involved and you can get your own US phone number without you being here in the US.

© textPlus app
  1. Install the textPlus app. textPlus app is compatible with both android and iOS phones
  2. Sign in and make your account using your email address
  3. Once you have signed in, go to the bottom of the app and locate “Get a Free textPlus number”
  4. It will ask you to input the location and area code. Input the information. If you don’t know the area code then if you google the area code of any US location that you choose to input.
  5. Having all these steps completed, the app will generate a FREE US phone number for you. Now you can make free unlimited phone calls inside the US and international calls for a certain fee.

Now, you can use this US phone number to expand your business and take care of your customers. You can also use it for verification for Gmail and other purposes.

Don’t wait to get your Free US phone number service through the textPlus app.

Google Voice Number

© Google Voice

Google Voice Number can generate you a FREE US number but there are certain limitations on it. First of all, you can only have access to this app from certain parts of the world. Second, to generate a number, you need to have a pre-existing US phone number. For this, the above-mentioned apps can be used to generate your Free US phone number. Third, you need to make a google voice account to generate a Free US phone number.

You can also use the Google Voice Number app staying here in the USA and prank your friends by making an anonymous call. Google Voice has Unlimited calls, Instant Messaging, Voicemail Transcription, Voicemail Greeting features with no hidden costs.

Got the solution? Get your Free United States phone number using the Google Voice Number.

GoHeyWire App

GoHeyWire app is another mobile application that can generate FREE US phone numbers for you. The US phone number generated from this app can be used to text other people. Unlike other apps, the person doesn’t necessarily need to have this messaging app for replying to the text. You can send them a direct text message on their phone.

Once installing the app, generating a FREE phone number is a piece of cake. It can be done easily in no time. The good thing to know is there are other cool features that need to address. Internet speed is not a great barrier for this app. Even having a slow internet speed is not a problem. It runs smoothly and gives instant outputs. Having said that, free text messages can be sent to US phone numbers and Canada phone numbers.

Go ahead and get your Free US Phone Number through the GoHeyWire app.


© SendHub Logo

SendHub is a popular calling app for your cell phone that can help you generate your own Free US personal phone number or landline phone. You can easily download this app on any android and iOS phone. But, using this app one should already have the pre-existing US or Canadian phone number to get the verification code. Don’t panic if you don’t have a US number, you can use those apps mentioned above and generate your US phone number. Then, you can use this app to generate another phone number at no extra cost.

© SendHub

SendHub not only allows text messages to one person but you can create several groups and send text messages to all at a time. Not only this, you can share various files and documents in the group. If you are using this US phone number for business purposes then, its cool feature of showing analytics is top-notch.

Don’t wait and get your Free US phone number through the SendHub app.


© TextNow

TextNow is another texting app that allows free texting, picture messaging and making inbound calls, and outgoing calls through your mobile phone. All you need to do is download the app, signup, and generate your own Free US temporary phone number. Easy enough isn’t it? It will only take you a couple of minutes and you will get your Free US phone number.

TextNow on desktop

It will ask you to input several pieces of information. You can also choose to skip a couple of them and have your Free US phone number generated.

Waiting is not always a good solution. Be smart and generate your Free US Phone Number through the TextNow app.

Other Apps for generating Free US Phone Number