Free reverse phone lookup service: We all are tired of getting unwanted calls and calls from auto insurance companies. Many different companies pay people for calling others and increasing their business. But to the ones receiving the phone call, it is very bothering. There have been several instances when these companies call people regularly at the same time right after they wake up. Wired, right?

Free reverse phone lookup service

These fake calls have created irritation as well as confusion in our life. Sometimes, we miss calls that are not saved in our contacts. In such cases, we don’t know who is calling us and we might ignore assuming that it is a spam call. But, it could be from someone we know and haven’t talked to in a while or from companies that you have applied for jobs or internships.

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In such cases, it is very crucial to know who we are getting calls from. A missed phone call can cost you a job, internship, or even a business proposal. It could be a very valuable phone call and you don’t want to let go just because it was not saved in your contacts. 

There is a solution to this problem. There are a lot of websites that allow you to find the person or the company that is calling you. You can just type in the phone number and it will show the name, address, and sometimes even people related to them. 

Below we have listed such websites that can help you keep track of unknown calls you get on your phone.

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21 Best Sites To Identify Phone Numbers

1. USPhoneBook

© USPhoneBook

USPhoneBook is a free reverse phone number lookup service site using which you can find anyone by inputting their phone number with unlimited searches. It shows the name of the person or the company, current address, previous address, and also if it is a mobile phone or landline, if available. It will just take you a few seconds and you can know who is calling you.

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2. True People Search

© True People Search

TruePeopleSearch is yet another great tool for free reverse phone number lookup service that searches for people by phone number and also by name. It provides you with all the information related to the person including their age, gender, occupation, education, marital status, personal interests, family members, relatives, friends, criminal history, and many more.

3. Truecaller

© Truecaller

Truecaller is one of the best apps for searching for people by phone number. You can search for people from any country and any corner of the world. All you need to do is to type in the phone number and it will show the information about the company or the person calling you.

Truecaller has its app which you can install on your phone and computer to use for searching phone numbers. If you don’t want to install the app then, you can always check it online using the Truecaller website. But, using the website you will need to log in using your email to get the results. 

4. White Pages

© White Pages

White Pages is another site from where you can get information about your callers. Through Whitepages, you can find a lot of information about the person or the company calling you. Whitepages can show you Cell phone numbers, Background checks, Criminal records, Addresses, Relatives, Landline numbers, Age, Traffic records, Scam/fraud ratings, Financial records, Business details, Lien records, Professional licenses,  Maiden names, Property details, Search Statistics and Carrier information.

Whitepages is an official site and it has also been featured on Forbes, NBC, The New York Times, ABC, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, USA TODAY, and CBS.

By using Whitepages, you can not only find the information using the phone number but you can also search people by their name. Moreover, you can also search them by the reverse address or business search process. 

5. ZabaSearch

© ZabraSearch

ZabaSearch can help you find US Residents and their information on their website. Through ZabaSearch you can search people by their first name, last name, states, and also by their phone number.

Using ZabaSearch you can find telephone numbers, addresses revealed, social media platforms of the person like Facebook, Twitter, criminal records of the person, and much more detailed report.

6. AnyWho

© AnyWho

AnyWho can help you find people using their first name, last name, city, and state. You can also find them using their phone number through the ‘Reverse Lookup’ tab. The cool thing is that you can also filter out the search using the area code of the person or the business. 

Using AnyWho you can get an email and other phone lookups, get detailed, background information, get public records, view property and area information, and social network profiles.

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© SpyDialer

Having the records of billions of people, SPY DIALER can help you search for people using their phone number, their name, city, state, their address histories, and also their email.

If you type in the name of a person then, it will look nationwide to gather information about that person. If you provide only the name and if there are a lot of results then, it will ask you to narrow it down by inputting the city and states. 

8. Pipl

© Pipl

Pipl can help you identify people and their information like email, addresses, phone books, and many more. But to find people using Pipl, one must sign in first. Without signing in using your email, it will not allow you to make a search and have results displayed.

9. Intelius

© Intelius

Intelius is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and helps you to search for people, their backgrounds, and their phone numbers. Using Intelius phone search, you can search people by their first name, last name, city, and address. You can also search for people using their phone numbers and their addresses. 

Intelius can help you provide information on bankruptcies, relatives, photos, sexual offenses, court records, social media, assets, phone numbers, misdemeanors, address information, felonies, arrest records, mugshots, and many more.

10. BeenVerified

© BeenVerified

BeenVerified can help you find criminal histories and other information about the people. You can search for people by their name or even by their phone number. You can also use their email or even their home addresses to search.

BeenVerified is more than just a people search. Using BeenVerified, you can not only search for people and businesses but can also search for vehicles and unclaimed money. By searching through BeenVerified you can find contact information, criminal and court records, vehicle records, caller identification, property records, and personal details.

11. Radaris

© Radaris

Radaris can give comprehensive information from the local, federal, and state resources. On the Radaris site, you can find information about people, businesses, property, and even phone numbers. 

Radaris has been featured on BOSTON BUSINESS JOURNAL, Discovery, VICE, and  NewsWatch. Radaris can give you background information, contact information, family members, email address, residences, property records, marriages and divorces, and lawsuit records. If any picture is found then, it will also show the picture of the person you are searching for. 

There are a lot of other websites that can help you search for people and businesses. All the other websites are listed below.

12. Swordfish Al

© SwordFish

Swordfish Al is another website where you can find people’s names, emails, phone numbers, and much more. It can help you with all types of searches including name, location, age, gender, occupation, and many more. It is very easy to use this website as well. 

13. Spokeo

© Spokeo

Spokeo is an online database that provides detailed profiles of individual records. The data provided includes names, dates of birth, current addresses, aliases, and phone numbers. This information can be used to create reports and perform demographic analyses.

14. ZLook Up

© ZLook Up

Zlookup is a free service that allows you to do reverse lookups on phone numbers. It can help you to search for people based on their phone numbers. The website does not require registration and is completely free.


© SpyTox

SPYTOX is a website where you can get information about your neighbors. Using this website, you can check out if your neighbor is married, how old they are, what kind of car they drive, and many more things.

16. PeopleFinders

© PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is one of the best websites for finding people. They have millions of user-submitted records and offer instant results. Their databases include over 1 billion public records and over 2 million corporate records. 

17. CellRevealer

© CellRevealer

Cellrevealer is another great website that helps you find people. With this website, you can search for people using their cell phone numbers. 


© is a website that gives you access to billions of residential listings. You can search for addresses by city, street, ZIP code, state, county, latitude/longitude, and postal code. 



Reverse Phone Lookup service is a free service that allows users to search for phone numbers in the United States. The website uses a proprietary algorithm to provide accurate results. 

20. TruthFinder

© TruthFinder

Truthfinder is a website that lets you search for people using their full names or partial name. The website offers two different ways to search: a text box option or a Google-like autocomplete feature.

21. NumLookup

© NumLookup

Numlookup is a website that can help you find people’s names. It is very simple to use this website. Just type in the first few letters of the last name and hit enter.